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16 Feb 2013

Nick Xenophon Too Honest To Visit Malaysia

Arresting Aussie senator Nick Xenophon was a step too far for the hopelessly corrupt nation of Malaysia. Xenophon was seeking to ensure the Malaysian elections had some semblance of legitimacy.
Xenophon's arrest raises serious questions over the Australian governments tacit support for corruption in Malaysia. This was one of the countries the Reserve Bank was bribing and it's also the home of Taib Mahmud and Ta Ann.
At left is Australia's ambassador to Malaysia,  Czech-born Miles Kupa meeting Taib Mahmud.
Taib was described by US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks as 'highly corrupt'. If Taib and his family cartel are so corrupt then why are they fervently supported by Australian politicians such as Eric Abetz, Simon Crean, Paul Harris and the Tasmanian government? Do these politicians agree with Malaysia's practice of rigging elections and the massive theft, fraud  and nepotism that Taib presides over in Sarawak? It is obvious to Inside Tasmania that Australia's foreign affairs are run by inept amateurs who are out of their intellectual depth.

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