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12 Jan 2013

No Tender Process For Bush Fire Cleanup

Lara Giddings today announced she had appointed earth moving contractor Hazell Brothers to 'clean-up' after last weeks devastating bushfires. Obviously there was no time for a tender process in the rush to bulldoze wrecked homes. Hazell Brothers certainly will 'clean-up' taxpayer dollars. Unlike the Facebook-led community recovery, this is business as usual.
Giddings media release looks more like a marriage proposal between her government and Hazell Brothers. Have a look at it yourself? "Ms Giddings visited the bushfire affected area of Connelleys Marsh today with Hazell Bros Managing Director Geoffrey Hazell" Luckily it's not a totalitarian nightmare yet. Giddings said "Victims will have a direct say in the clean-up of their property."  Well why wouldn't they? Isn't it their property? Taking pressure off people to clean-up is good thinking but why was every other earthmoving contractor shut-out? Why is the debris regarded as 'hazardous' if it's not on the asbestos register? Does an asbestos register exist? Giddings already locked-out the Dunalley residents so Julia Gillard could score election publicity. Then she let an unknown candidate gate crash a bushfire press conference for free media exposure. Hazell Brothers were paid by Gunns with taxpayer funds from the 'Forest Peace Agreement' in 2011 to clear a proposed pulp mill site. Hazell Brothers 'acquired' Gunns construction company Hinman, Wright and Manser, the company that renovated Paul Lennons' house. This is the closest Lara could come up with to using Gunns to clean-up after the fires. The Giddings government loves backroom deals with private companies.

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