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22 Jan 2013

Parliament House Is Powered By Coal Seam Gas

As democracy evolved into tirades of abuse and endless scandals it's probably fitting that the whole shebang is being powered by coal seam gas. In the politically correct world of a carbon tax and economic austerity, poisoning our farmland and ground water is accepted as a cheap way of keeping the electricity flowing.
The coal seam gas supplier ERM Power was so proud of their contract with the Australian Government that they put out an ASX release.  "The ACT sites include Parliament House, Government House, Australian War Memorial, National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia and Defence Offices" Isn't that just wonderful but what about the toxic farmland and poisoned aquifers? Looks like Australia's 'democracy' is now a lot more toxic then anyone imagined.
 Where it comes from. A view of the Tara gasfields in Queensland. This site has been leaking methane as well as being useless for farming with all those pipelines. They use toxic chemicals that pollute the groundwater. Of course people are opposing it,
An interesting article called Is CSG The Maintenance Drug For Our Coal Addiction?
reveals there is 3 times more methane than normal leaking from the Tara fields. So much for CSG being climate friendly?

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