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29 Oct 2012

Tasmanian Government Deeply Involved In Criminal Activity In Sarawak

How the locals see Taib
The strangest article you will read about Tasmania in 2012 
Crean meets the goons
To understand Hydro Tasmania and Forestry Tasmania's involvement in organised crime in Sarawak, you need to read 'The Taib Timber Mafia.' This dossier on the Taib cartel was compiled by the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund. It lists the gang members and shows how the Taib family operates as an organised crime syndicate. The Taib Timber Mafia has siphoned over $20 billion out of the Malaysian state of Sarawak and used it to fund a global network of over 400 companies and their outrageously opulent lifestyles. We are not using the term 'organised crime' lightly. The Taib cartel uses murderkidnapping,  bribery, money laundering,  embezzelment and extreme violence in their systematic larceny of Sarawak's natural resources. For example the gang used explosives to intimidate villagers of Rumah Raggong in Sarawak, who were resisting logging. An investigation of Ta Ann's operations in Tasmania and Hydro Tasmania's work on the Sarawak dams project led us to a mountain of data on Chief

Missing presumed dead

Minister Taib Mahmud, the Godfather of the family cartel that controls everything in Sarawak. And we mean everything. The Taibs are being compared to the Suharto and Marcos clans who have also stolen billions from their countries. Look at the picture of Hydro Tasmania Chair David Crean (brother of Simon) shaking hands with the Sarawak Electricity goons? Taib Mahmud's cousin Hamed Sepawi is on the far left. Sepawi owns the logging company Ta Ann that operates in Tasmania and he also runs the Sarawak electricity company SEB that Hydro Tasmania works for. David Crean deals with one guy with two multi-million dollar businesses involving the Tasmanian government. The 'Missing presumed dead' guy above left was named Farok Majeed. He was an engineer that worked on luxury properties in Sydney for one of the cartel. He had the temerity to sue them for $15 million so they disposed of him. He disappeared five years ago, half way through his court case and has never been seen since. It's likely the Taib gang murdered him. That happened right here in Australia. This article is only an introduction to the Taib gang. Taib's relatives buy multiple luxury cars, bash their wives, own the Adelaide Hilton and rent the FBI's head office to the FBI. The Chief Minister and family patriarch Taib Mahmud is in his eighties but recently married a woman in her twenties who was introduced by a witchdoctor. Taib is reported to be going senile and believes in witchcraft. The story of Taib and the bomohs ( Malay witch doctors) is one for another day. 

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