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9 Oct 2012

Giddings - Uncertainty For The Tamar Valley, Certainty For Everyone Else

Smug, deluded and bad for Tasmanian business
Lara Giddings likes the word 'certainty'. She uses it constantly when talking about jobs for timber workers. (Lara has just gone into partnership with papermaker Norske Skog while she downsizes police, hospitals and schools.)  Giddings says her new planning scheme is delivering 'consistency, certainty and clarity.'  All that 'certainty' for the rest of Tasmania while she continues to punish the Tamar Valley with more uncertainty.  Lara has delivered nearly a decade of uncertainty to the 100,000 people in the Tamar Valley as she bullies and intimidates them with threats of the worlds largest pulp mill. A mythical project that has never been financed, never had a planning assessment and sent its proponent broke. Giddings has exposed the state to huge financial losses from the liquidation of Gunns. Incredibly, while Lara was fast-tracking their pulp mill, her government was in partnership with Gunns. In our view Giddings is corrupt. People and businesses are queuing to invest in Tasmania's premier wine-producing region, and yet this inept conveyancer, who came from Papua New Guinea, has never had a real job, a family, or children, seeks to cripple them economically with her never-never pulp mill. Lara Giddings has a distorted idea of the importance of paper. It was the ALP that decided decades ago that manufacturing should happen in countries with the cheapest labour market. That is not Tasmania.  Giddings is a speed hump on the road to Tasmania's economic future.  She has dragged-down the states credit rating with cronyism and nepotism. Giddings is not up to the job of managing Tasmania.

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