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17 Mar 2012

Will Hodgman - Rear View Visionary

Lara Giddings and 'Team Laborgreenie' scored a direct hit on opposition leader Will Hodgman this week. Hodgmans failure was that his entertainment diary was too crowded to accommodate a representative of a company that may invest in another company that may trade out of insolvency and build a pulp mill. In a normal jurisdiction this would be laughable but Tasmania is not a normal jurisdiction. Here is an island where the words 'pulp mill' are used as an ultrasonic dog whistle speaking directly to the subconscious minds of people battered senseless by the systematic manipulation of the truth.
'We must have a pulp mill to keep our children on the island because working in a mill is the highest aspiration any parent could possibly have for a child'. The fact that jobs were systematically destroyed over decades by people like Hodgman and Giddings with their half-assed grasp on globalisation and world economics can never intrude into this carefully crafted version of 'reality'.
Hodgmans holy grail is 'majority government' where irrational Liberal thinking is reinforced by irrational Liberal thinking into a feedback loop of rear view mirror revisionism. The sort of group think that thought Iraq had the same weapons they did.
As Hodgman proudly waves a leaked document that proves the Laborgreenies got it wrong on a totally flawed and infantile attempt to save forests, he must realise in a tiny part of his tiny brain that his solution of selling trees to anybody, to use for anything at all, and at any price, will also fail.
Hodgman's 'Open For Business' sign really says 'Worlds Densest Carbon Trees Available To Be Mixed With Old Car Tires And Burnt As Boiler Fuel'.
Hodgman failed to define himself as any different to Bryan Green and Bryan never really showed he was any different to Hodgman. They happily went off together on a trade mission to nowhere to convince some totalitarian communists that if they ever fully denuded South East Asia there was still resource available on the self-cannibalising island of Tasmania.
In the meantime Hodgmans universe pivots drunkenly on The Greens and specifically on Nick McKim. McKim is Hodgmans nemesis who is keeping Will away from the premiers salary and the levers of power. Using every ounce of his quota of grey matter, Hodgamn has managed to extrapolate this into a vast Green conspiracy to dismantle whats left of the Tasmanian economy.
Even his Liberal ruckmen find this hard to believe as they launch yet another vaudeville attack on people that believe in essentially the same shit they believe in.

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