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Peter Costello and Rupert Murdoch think LNP propaganda is so valuable you should pay them for it. Their sock puppet reporters cover the destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology and the breakdown of civilization as if it was inevitable. Paywall media sell you sanitized news and charge you for the ads. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? Australian scammer media lives on scammer government. They are waiting.....

10 Jun 2022

According To Putin Aborigines Should Invade Australia


We recommend reading Putin's justifications for invading Ukraine. Putin claims that because a Russian Czar (allegedly 'royalty') captured Ukraine from Sweden 350 years ago, Putin has a right to invade the country today. This is flaky logic. It means the Neanderthals who occupied Russia 31,000 years ago should still be running the country. Putin must be a descendant of Russian Neanderthals due to his lack of a rational brain.

Collapse Of The Soviet Union

The former superpower was replaced by 15 independent countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Some of these countries are puppet states but some are not. To reverse history, Putin is going to be at war for centuries to come.

"In the run-up to the launch of what Russia calls its “special military operation”, Putin blamed Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union, for creating Ukraine on what Putin said was historically Russian territory, and for planting the seed of the USSR’s eventual collapse." 

This displays how unhinged Putin's thinking is. He blames the founder of the USSR for destroying the USSR. Putin is not making sense.

Trump's Failed Coup In The USA

Somebody else who can't deal with history is Donald Trump. We believe Trump should be behind bars for the rest of his life for mounting a coup against the US government. Trump entered a Presidential election voluntarily and then throw a tantrum at the result. What he did next was criminal anarchy. The fact Australian Liberals actually supported this piece of garbage shows what a clear and present danger political psychopaths are. Perhaps the 'christian lobby' that supports these psychopaths is worse?

Donald Trump minions attempting to overthrow the government.

27 May 2022

Global Financial Crash And Wrapping-Up 9 Years Of The LNP

We follow Stoic Finance reports from London that cover fluctuations in the global markets. 

The trend at Stoic is to highlight the negativity and insanity of the markets. It's very volatile at present and there are multiple negative forces impacting trade and investment. All the indicators of a bubble peaking and a crash underway are there.


Morrison becomes a backbencher

Like the majority of Australians we were not sad to see the end of the Morrison government. They really were the the worst government in Australia's history. While often pretending to be religious, the fake conservatives were having sex orgies in the parliament house prayer room. That's where 9 years of Liberal government ends-up WTF?

The Australian public never got the truth on these goons. The level of criminality was astonishing. Check out Dutton's cocaine-dealing mates in the car importation business that the corrupt Aussie media that chose to cover-up? Where was Stokes and Costello?

The Morrison Clocks

Because of an alleged rape in Morrison's defense office, we set-up online clocks to show how Morrison was lying to the Australian people and covering-up alleged crime. How many gutless Australian public servants helped Morrison cover-up other alleged crimes?

Morrison knew the identity of an alleged 'Parliament House rapist' but kept it from the AFP and the public for 868 days. This was possibly a criminal offense on Morrison's part.

Morrison must of had a reason for covering it up, yet went through the taxpayers-funded charade of holding an inquiry into when his office became aware of an alleged rape. The inquiry ran for well over a year yet failed to discover 'when we knew'.

Lastly, the clowns actually had an inquiry into if members of parliament can accept secret donations from anonymous sources. As if? The corrupt half wits thought cash in brown paper bags is legit?

So the clocks stopped today. Hopefully we won't have to re-instate one but who knows?



Right. The 3 media amigos have 3 years to wonder why they are so out of touch with Australia.  


22 May 2022

The 'Sports-Based Penetcostal Fascist' Is No Longer PM

The World needs to be on the lookout for old men with serious mental issues. Probably, over time testosterone starts rotting the brain - look at Trump, Putin and Morrison? In our view Scott Morrison killed the Great Barrier Reef and almost took Australia back to the Dark Ages for no rational reason.

thanks to the Shovel

We are based in Bass where Bridget Archer was returned. Northern Tasmanian electorates are easy to manipulate with the government constantly funding distilleries and bars for them. Tasmanians suffer from 'peer conformity' and like to be collectively lied to as a bloc.

In Bass and Braddon the Libs won the battle but lost the war. They elected representatives who will be stuck in opposition for 3 years. It shows the lies Tasmanians are fed. We were bombarded with TV adds about the threat of the Greens while the rest of the country turned teal. Liberal propaganda is both evil and color blind. Look at your own sick coalition Liberals - Barnaby Joyce WTF?

We were bombarded with phone polling but only on land lines and never on mobiles. We raised this issue 3 years ago and we bet they are still not listening. To save money pollsters only ring land lines and people hang-up or they get people who have lost the plot. Of course their polling is garbage. Example. Nobody in Tasmania knows about 'teal' because we only know about seals. They steal valuable salmon from our sustainable green fish pens lovingly owned by Brazilian seal-killers. They provide so many jobs we have to import Pacific Islanders to fill them.

Finally. what happens to the brain of a lifelong Liberal voter? Are they all on a journey to dementia by selectively filtering-out reality? That's our theory.

18 May 2022

Use Your Retirement Assets To Push House Prices Even Higher

Why does a 54 year old think he should play sport with 8 year olds? 

When the corrupt pentecostal ran out of election scams like sports rorts, he turned to your retirement assets to hang-on to power. The Liberals wrote-up a trillion dollar debt so how will they fund all the old age pensions now that super assets have been transferred to the overheated housing market?

This from the idiot who invented RoboDebt, sold the Port of Darwin, ignored Chinese military bases in the Pacific and thought there was a 'gas-fired recovery' from COVID-19.

Soon, Morrison's self indulgent 6 month long election campaign will draw to a close.....>

Morrison claims he is a bulldozer.

Presidential style field goal from you know who.

Deputy presidential-style alcohol-dependence from you know who.

11 May 2022

Morrison - All Armageddon And No Future


Picture above from 2019 @ G20 Japan. Of course, Armageddon-obsessed Morrison didn't mention the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, when 'laying hands' on Bolsonaro

Morrison looks more like he has met the love of his life. How many missed opportunities were in the lost 'Morrison years'?

Here in Bass we have Liberal Bridget Archer having a go at getting another 3 years for the Pentecostal clown. The Liberals totally bungled the pandemic with people still in hospital and still getting infected, even when they are highly vaccinated. The death toll today is actually higher than in 2020.

Clive Palmer's outfit is shamelessly targeting single digit IQ voters with promises like 'end loneliness'. They usually get a few votes and some preferences to help Morrison destroy more of Australia. Like the Great Barrier Reef. Morrison is actually destroying an entire tourism industry and Channel 7 and Channel 9 can't get enough of the bleaching.

We are not pro-Labor either. Part of the reason Australia has the most corrupt government in it's history is the weak opposition. They failed to identify pro-Communist China media barons like the owner of the 7 Network who makes a fortune selling Cat bulldozers to China. Labor also failed to expose kickbacks from Morrisons's Scorpene submarine fiasco. Everywhere these submarines were sold governments were in on the kickbacks. In Australia, Peter Costello owner of 9 Entertainment was somehow paid even though he knows nothing about submarines..

We need a Federal ICAC but the last people on Earth to introduce it will be Scott Morrison and Clive Palmer.

2 May 2022

How 'Christians' Sold The Pacific To Communist China

Australian 'charity' claims feeding Communist China is 100% tax deductible


Why Is There A 'Sogavare Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church'?

'Sanitarium is wholly owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church'. The Adventists have a church named after the PM doing secret deals with a brutal totalitarian dictatorship. Is Manasseh Sogavare so inward-looking he hasn't noticed Communism is an inhuman system only used by dictators?


Morrison is a life-long Pentecostal and Sogavare is a life-long Seventh-day Adventist. Xi Jinping could exploit them because the separation of church and state has vanished in Australia and the Solomons. Morrison recently helped Sogavare hang on to power against Solomon islanders opposed to Communist Chinese influence. This was against Australia's nation interest from a government now asking us to 'prepare for war'. Morrison has put delusion before national security.

This looks sick - fundamentalists having fun

What follows is history critical to Australia's survival. " On 16 September 2019, Sogavare's government recognised the People's Republic of China, switching recognition from the Republic of China after 36 years. The decision caused significant political and public debate in Solomon Islands. Planning Minister and former Prime Minister Rick Hou claimed Sogavare lied about the process, claiming the decision was pre-determined.

Malaita Province, however, continued to be supported by Taiwan and the United States, the latter sending US$25 million of aid to the island in 2020. The premier of Malaita Province, Daniel Suidani, also held an independence referendum in 2020 which the national government has dismissed as illegitimate.

Riots broke out in November 2021 during which anti-government protesters, most of them from Malaita Province, burnt down buildings adjoining the Solomon Islands Parliament Building, while also looting Honiara's Chinatown. Sogavare himself resisted calls to resign, warning that the rioters would "face consequences" while also accusing them of being "politically motivated".

Australia responded to the unrest by deploying Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force personnel following a request from the Sogavare government under the Australia-Solomon Islands Bilateral Security Treaty. Papua New Guinea and Fiji also sent peacekeepers.

Just over 6 months ago Morrison helped save Sagavare's regime. Notice they looted Chinatown? That means Morrison helped Sogavare install Communist China in the Pacific just like he sold the Port of Darwin to Communist China.

'Manasseh' is not a Polynesian name it's Hebrew. Sogavare doesn't represent Polynesian culture but colonial missionary culture. Morrison would know 'Manasseh' is a name from the old testament..

Sogavare and Morrison are being gamed by Xi Jinping. Thanks to the perverse 'christian lobby' we have somebody incapable of rational thought pretending to be PM of Australia.


Rather than calling-out Chinese expansionism, Sanitarium rorts the Australian tax system to feed Communism. That means the sect supports the invasions of Tibet, Taiwan and Ukraine. Communist China refused to sanction Russia for invading Ukraine.


Because Sanitarium is a religion, their activities in the Communist bloc are 100% tax deductible. This is the humanitarian nightmare nutjobs like Morrison and Sogavare have created. 

Tax exemption

"Neither the Australia nor the New Zealand Sanitarium companies pay company tax on their profits, due to their ownership by a religious organisation. On their official website, Sanitarium defend their tax exemption with several points, stating they operate exclusively for charitable purposes," This is a lie.

While the rest of us 'prepare for war' Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison allow Nutri-Brex to be sold in China as a charity operation WTF? That means Australians are sleeping under bridges to subsidise the Communist Chinese military machine.

Irrational Seventh-day Adventist Thinking

A key element of Seventh-day Adventist thought is that 'god' created the universe in 6 days. A 'day' is the result of Earths rotation on it's axis, so Adventists are using a small part of the universe to time the rollout of the entire universe. They are applying 'days' to a period when days didn't exist because Earth had not been created yet. Apparently creating the universe required effort because 'god' needed the 7th day to rest.

1 May 2022

Meme Fest

Economy So Strong We Need Emergency Support

Screengrab from the Burnie Advocate. Constantly promoting Communist Chinese mining companies like MMG. Has had a decade of Liberal 'strong economy' but pleading for 'emergency support'.

Prepare For War With China While Liberal Peter Costello Advertises Alibaba.com on Fairfax Media

screengrab from Peter Costello's SMH 25.04.2022.

Many LNP Voters also pray for a home invasion and hope they get mugged on a night out.

These people love being ripped-off and abused by organised crime. It's what makes them LNP voters. We caught this article in 'Scorpene Submarine Fraudsters' newspaper. (your taxes paid for the Nine Entertainment newspapers) If you want the whole story on Australia's imaginary submarines read this.


30 Apr 2022

The Launceston Examiner - Catalano's Garbage Newspaper



HEEELP The Examiner is begging for financial assistance - after being the Liberals cheer squad for decades they are going broke. Paper too expensive or so they say. Why weren't they recycling paper or was that too GREEEN? So much for 'Strong Economy' it was just lies.

Anthony Catalano from Byron Bay calls his newspapers 'Community Media'. If you look at the crippled and divided 'communities' of regional Australia you can see why this is a lie.

April 30 2022, and this is what Catalano's Examiner looks like. Fake 'community' media are paid by a local politician to cover it in advertising and they want you to pay to read it? The Examiner would love to charge you for junk mail in your letterbox.

And the lies. Archer (many Tasmanian politicians are called 'Archer') claims a 'strong economy' and a 'stronger future'. She thinks a One Trillion Dollar debt is a strong economy and they are still printing money because it's now almost worthless. The country is actually bankrupt. 'Stronger future' is a lie as our future has never looked weaker and bleaker. Never-ending climate change, disasters and constantly mutating viruses is a 'strong future'?

They wouldn't know anything about the future. At least Archer can read and write, many Tasmanians can't.

Morrison announces a $10 sign

Here's the idiot crew re-announcing a hydrogen hub, tech that uses obscene amounts of electricity to free hydrogen from water. Unfortunately on the same day we are told our electricity will rise a 100% due to the war in Ukraine. Woodchip salesman Guy Barnett actually squirmed when Morrison told us that. Barnett knows Tasmania had 100% hydro electricity before they started selling it to the mainland.

With Morrison making hydrogen it will be powered by Queensland coal and sold as 'green energy'. Meanwhile the clueless Liberal attack ads constantly vilify the Greens because they are interested in the future of the human race. The truth is the hydrogen hub will be subsidized by stolen firewood from native forests. That's because many Tasmanians can't afford to heat their homes with electricity now let alone in their 'stronger future'.

 The garbage Examiner wants you to pay to see 'branded content' on the front page like a riveting article on funeral homes. They have been running the same thing for weeks. The Liberals totally mismanaged the last pandemic because they opened everything up just as the virus mutated to it's most transmissible form. A big win for the funeral industry. Luckily, many Liberal politicians own their own funeral company.

The death notices in the Examiner are free to read. Anthony Catalano from Byron Bay couldn't charge people to advertise their loved ones dying, and then charge people to read the death notices. It should be possible eh Anthony?

And there is the problem. A few dishonest politicians is enough to degrade our society into a cynical exercise in collective psychopathy. For example: Why hasn't Anthony Catalano and the crippled Examiner ever done an expose on RoboDebt? Or the non-existent submarines that Peter Costello was paid millions of taxpayer dollars in so-called consultants fees?

18 Apr 2022

Najib Gets 12 Years - When The PM Is A Compulsive Kleptomaniac

We have followed the 1MDB fraud for years but know it looks like Najib Razak could be doing time over his massive theft of Malaysian taxpayer's funds.


We believe it is very difficult, if not impossible for a religiously-based nation like Malaysia to be an ethically and morally functioning society. Why? Because delusion and unsubstantiated superstition forms the basis of their World view.

This is a similar story to Australia during the Morrison years. For him religion was just a cover for blatant corruption. Sadly the Albanese-led Opposition hasn't got the balls to hammer the LNP criminals, and let them get away with theft on a massive scale. The conservative idiots sold Darwin port to communists and then started trumpeting about the huge threat Communist China poses. They wasted billions on the French submarine contracts but made sure Scomo's mates Costello and Gazard became millionaires. We suspect this was the capital Peter Costello used to buy Nine Entertainment and become a propaganda unit for the LNP.

And why hasn't Albanese mentioned Robodebt?  $1.872 billion pissed-up against the wall in a scheme invented by Morrison that achieved nothing except suicides. Morrison is a psychopath and Stokes, Costello and Murdoch want him to inflict more theft and misery onto Australia.




12 Apr 2022

Is The ACT Supreme Court Covering-Up A Decision On The Alleged Parliament House Rape?

Update. The Lehrmann rape trial is to proceed.

On April Fools Day (12 days ago) the ABC reported  "ACT Chief Justice Lucy McCallum will deliver a decision next week on whether the trial of the man accused of raping former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins will go ahead as planned".

Below is what the ABC published 12 days ago.

screengrab from HERE.

So what happened? Nothing. The decision never happened, at least in the time frame claimed. Why? And why has everybody except Scott Morrison being implored not to report on the case? In our view this is a perversion of the Australian justice system by the LNP government.

Notice we have not mentioned any names, but what about the hundreds or thousands of Australians currently doing time for rape and other sex crimes? Is there one law for Liberal Party spin doctors and another for everybody else? If these allegations are true, why is it legal to rape a person in Australia's Parliament House but not in other parts of Australia?

This was already covered-up by the Morrison government for two and a half years and they have already spent well over a year examining when they first knew about an alleged rape just down the corridor. What a pathetic joke?

For the women of Australia, this is no April Fools joke. In our view, all women are being abused by Scott Morrison.

10 Apr 2022

After A 6 Month Campaign Morrison Gives New Voters 4 Days To Enrol


screengrab from HERE

Alleged Pentecostal psychopath Scott Morrison has finally called an election after stealing billion$ from the Aussie taxpayer. Scott visited fellow crook David Hurley on Sunday April 10 which leaves just 4 working days for new voters to enroll due to the Easter break.

This is typical Morrison, focused entirely on his own criminal career and zero on the Australian people.

Previously, we covered Morrison's 6 month election campaign.

screengrab from HERE

31 Mar 2022

Costello's Nine Entertainment Ignores Second Lismore Flood

This is the garbage Peter Costello's SMH printed as news today while the town of Lismore was flooded for the second time in a few weeks but they didn't notice.

Ex-Howard treasurer Peter Costello, chair of NIne Entertainment is propping-up the corrupt Morrison government after attacks from it's own side. The climate change situation in NSW (home of the SMH) is much worse than the reputation of one compulsive liar and alleged psychopath. Statistically, Morrison is one of the planets main drivers of climate change.

Meanwhile In The Real World

We covered this climate disaster recently but now it's a rolling tragedy. Brainwashed Catholic Dom Perrottet claimed the last flood was a 'one in a thousand year event'. So the last big one was in 1022AD? How the hell would the liar know? This is the idiot who urged Tasmania to open it's borders last year although he has no medical qualifications and the resulting surge in cases caused a mini recession.