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17 Jun 2021

Scott Visits The Queen


Background. Scott and Jenny Morrison are long time friends of Tim and Lynelle Stewart, allegedly involved in the QAnon conspiracy cult.


The FBI believes QAnon conspiracy theorists pose a domestic terrorism threat.

Trump supporters are linked to QAnon and now it's revealed Trump is worried by what Ghislaine Maxwell will tell inestigators.

Is Morrison 'guilty by association' regarding his support for Trump?




What we think about QAnon

The basis of this conspiracy is that pedophilia is linked to a persons political beliefs. That's a long shot anywhere. Research shows that 'social conservatives' have a slightly lower IQ than other people. We suspect a 'corrupt' government like Scott Morrison's, would attract corrupt people to it. Lets face it, there has been a lot of sex scandals, rapes and cover-ups in the Morrison administration?

If anything QAnon makes sense if you reverse the political bias. Conservatives might know about pedophile cults and cover them up, and then invent a conspiracy as a smokescreen to shift blame. If you consider 'conservative' churches, then this alternate theory makes a lot of sense. How would the murderous, pedophile priests at Kamloops British Columbia vote? Churches who are involved in systematic pedophilia are so stupid they out themselves with their opposition to abortion. They would definitely vote LNP in Australia.

We fully support the taxation of all churches in Australia. Where does that put us in the idiotic QAnon theory? Religion is simply a product designed for the gullible and insecure. As such it must fall into the corporate tax category.

13 Jun 2021

Morrison And Porter's Robodebt Slugs The Taxpayer $1.87 Billion


Morrison Invented Robodebt

Morrison absolutely had to be out of the country when they revealed the total cost of his childish and incompetent Robodebt scheme. So he fled to the G7 in Cornwall even though he doesn't represent a G7 nation. Morrison really did invent Robodebt look at the Wikipedia page?  

Friday June 11 (it absolutely had to be on a Friday before a long weekend) the Federal Court approved a A$1.872 billion settlement incorporating repayment of A$751 million, wiping of all remaining debts, and the legal costs running to A$8.4 Million. The biggest Centrelink stuff-up in Australia's history.

Christian Porter Implements Robodebt

Morrison invented Robodebt but ex-attorney general Christian Porter implemented it "In December 2016, Minister for Social Services Christian Porter publicly announced the implementation of this new automated debt recovery scheme".

Scott Morrison's big blunder when inventing Robodebt is that income tax is paid annually and unemployment benefits are paid fortnightly. Apparently that was beyond Morrison's microscopic mental capacity. 

Morrison lives off the public purse and obviously has no concept of how the tax system works. He does know how to steal tax in very large amounts. With Robodebt, Morrison assumed a lot of unemployed people were rorting the system. Morrison was wrong.

Robodebt is the biggest government social security stuff-up in our history. So why was it covered-up by the mainstream media this June long weekend?

We are convinced Morrison and the media work on a mutual backscratching arrangement. That's how corrupt politicians operate.

12 Jun 2021

Iraq And Afghanistan Wars Were Military Failures But Only One Australian Is Behind Bars

What a bunch of brainless phuktards are conservative politicians? Saudi Arabians attack the World Trade Center and Bush, Blair and Howard invade nearby Iraq because it's also mostly desert WTF? What did they achieve? Nothing. Next the US and it's paranoid little lickspittle Australia decide they must invade Afghanistan because the Taliban are like Al Qaeda but not quite the same. After years they kill Bin Laden but by then Islamic State has replaced Al Qaeda.

History tells us Afghanistan is un-invadable. Russia found that out. Its extremely mountainous terrain is impossible to govern or subjugate by force. Then the fact the Taliban don't wear uniforms and look identical to civilians, so every casualty is a war crime. The US and Howard were advised against both invasions but ignored reason. Now the US and Australia are in recession because they squandered healthy economies on wars that lasted decades. By the way, having a trillion dollar government debt for a country of 25 million is not a booming economy it's a junk economy.

Assange is wanted in the US on espionage charges which is also garbage. What country was he spying for? The World? Common Sense?

The real criminals are now all on fat taxpayer-funded pensions for destroying their own nation's economies, reputations and national security.

Why Fight Religious Wars With Solders Unless You Are Ultra Dumb?

Both the Iraq and Afghansitan Wars were religious wars. Programmed Christians were fighting programmed Sunni Islam because they are both brainwashed with non-science, unsubstantiated mind-junk. How can Islam be tax-exempt in both the US and Australia if it is prone to radical delusional thinking? 
All religions should be taxed as any other product or service because that's all they are. Their product is delusion.
Religion is not only a product for the ignorant but it also specialises in child abuse. Look at the 215 dead Red Indian children the corrupt bastards killed in Kamloops BC? These bastards must pay tax like everyone else at the very least. Lets see the bleeding-heart religious zombies go into fervor over that statement? Tax them like everybody else.

Assange was merely a conduit for passing on news and information. The BigMac quarter pounder US military couldn't secure their own computer networks. So rather than actually firing some fat-assed generals they persecute an Australian journalist? Assange is the fall guy for 2 religious wars and that's a fact. You win religious wars by replacing ignorance with reason. There is no other way to do it.

7 Jun 2021

Morrisons Inquiry Into What They Didn't Know And When They Didn't Know It


Gaetjens (AAP/Lukas Coch)
Scott Morrison must be amazed at how well the sedatives are working on the media and the population. After failing to investigate if Bridget McKenzie had the legal authority to use $100million taxdollars as sports grants, Phil Gaetjens was on a short list of one to discover how long his own office didn't know a woman was raped down the hall 2 years ago.

Morrison has indicated the 'who knew what when' probe will probably never be publicly released. Of course Morrison can't comment on 'in office matters' but if he is so secretive, why hold an inquiry at all? It's so Morrison can have a press conference and publicly exonerate himself and pretend he is not a common criminal. Anyway he spins it, this is a PR disaster and he knows it. 'Vote 1 Rapist Government' is too easy to print and distribute in time for the next election

Keep Up To Date On The Gaetjens Inquiry With Our 'When We Knew' Clock

(top of right hand side pane)                                              

It was at 110 days at time of writing. Gaetjens 'paused' his investigation because it could 'disrupt' the police investigation. It's never been clear what Gaetjens is investigating. They defined it as 'contact between Scott Morrison’s political staff and Brittany Higgins'. Contact? Seriously, Morrison's corruptoids have put her in hospital. The police investigation has gone to 807 days with no sign of charges being laid for a crime at the very epicenter of Australian politics, and the PM's Office is investigating 'contact with his staff'? There was contact all right Scott, it's called 'rape'.

Why Was The AFP Rape Investigation And The Gaetjens Probe Forced To Overlap?

To any observer they don't overlap at all. The police are investigating a sex crime and Gaetjens is investigating a departmental cover-up and incompetence. Only Scott Morrison thought they were somehow linked. Why? What was the rapist's real relationship with the PM's office?

4 Jun 2021

How Can A Liberal Media Consultant Completely Disappear?

Why Is It Being Covering It Up?

Scott Morrison has to explain how somebody can disappear off the face of the Earth while working for his government in Parliament House.

Missing person Bruce Lehrmann

Above is an image of Liberal media consultant Bruce Lehrmann who completely vanished in April 2019. He has not been seen since. Has the Morrison government informed the Australian Federal Police about this high profile missing persons case?

Lehrmann was last seen working in the Defense Department in early 2019.

Bruce Lehrmann also worked for Ms 'Sports Rorts' Bridget McKenzie.

Bruce was a media-PR guy who was moved between federal departments. In 2018 he worked in Bridget McKenzie's rural health department. They were managing a radiation spill at Lucas Heights at the time.

screen grab from here.
Bruce once worked for Canberra PR firm Parker & Partners.

Why Is The Morrison Government Covering-Up A Missing Persons Case?

There is something suspicious about the disappearance of Bruce Lehrmann. Was he captured by a hostile power? The Morrison government must go public about what they know about Mr Lehrmann and why they failed to register him as a missing person. Lehrmann must have family concerned for his welfare. Why has he disappeared and why is it being covered-up??

Bruce Lehrmann Is Not Listed As A Missing Person in the ACT

Currently listed missing persons in the ACT

Bruce Lehrmann is not one of the 10 people on the ACT missing persons list even though he effectively doesn't exist.
"If a person is missing and you have immediate concerns for their welfare, contact ACT Policing immediately on 131 444".

3 Jun 2021

How Big Is The Defence Office Rape Story?


Brittany Higgins was raped in Parliament House on March 23 2019
It's now well over 800 days and nobody has been charged. Defense Minister Reynolds should have reported a serious crime in her office immediately. Why didn't she?


We predict this is the biggest story in Australian politics for decades. We think it's bigger than the Porter rape allegation by far. Sooner or later the AFP are going to have to charge somebody and name the rapist. If they can't arrest a rapist at the very legislative heart of Australia, it's time to hand back their badges.

For some reason naming the rapist is something the Morrison government desperately wanted to suppress. They put the media under extreme pressure to keep the rapist's identity a secret. Why?

Theory 1 The rapist is blackmailing somebody very high up in the Australian government. If that is the case the AFP will be presenting a human vegetable to the media. There will be nothing left of him mentally and he will resemble the US missionary held in North Korea. That is a real possibility in our view.

Theory 2  The rapist was assisted in escaping justice in Australia by Border Force. There would be good reasons for that to happen that will not be obvious initially.

Theory 3 The rapist is another testosterone-fueled Liberal spiv who overshot his own self-importance. If that's the case he will possibly get a fair trial and a just punishment.

Theory 4 He is dead.

After all, Ms Higgins is alive and kicking unlike other rape victims. What's really on trial here is the Morrison government and the Australian Federal Police. 


What Does It Take To Be Sacked By The Morrison Government?

29 May 2021

Giovanni 'Pork' Barilaro acts like the Calabrian Mafia

Like a lot of Australians we've been watching the friendlyjordies videos. Check-out how the Barilaro's took over the Queanbeyan Marco Polo Club and shut it down. The club was then awarded a grant from Pork Barilaro himself to re-open it. Still missing is $700 grand from the poker machines? What did Barilaro do with it?
Pork Barilaro ticks some of the boxes for Calabrian Mafia. That doesn't mean he is a Mafia blood brother just because he has a track record of exploiting his position for personal gain. Coincidentally, entering public office is a criminal activity of the Calabrian Ndrangheta.

'Barilaro' means 'barrel' in English and there are some Barilaro's doing jail time in Italy. Coincidence? So who is Fortunato, Francesco and Antonio Barilaro??
A list of Ndrangheta called Barilaro?
Fortunato Barilaro
Francesco Barilaro
Antonio Barilaro
Carmen Barillaro (2 Ls)

Pork Barilaro is on record calling koala bears 'tree rats'. This is an insult to all Australians and it's a tragedy they were stupid enough to elect a person with no concept of Australian values.


Barilaro told the media he is suing friendlyjordies for defamation. Friendlyjordies was contacted by Paul Svilans at Mark O'Brien Legal. 
We believe Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce should explain their water buyback schemes to a judge who is not 'owned' by the LNP conservatives.
Maybe Barilaro will realize this is going to be a massive foot shot? If it goes ahead it will be a guided tour of corruption in the terminally corrupt Berejiklian government.

Believe It Or Not - Pork Barilaro Is Born In The Year Of The Pig


Seriously, you would not guess the guy in the screengrab above is born in the Chinese year of the pig would you?

28 May 2021

World's Largest Landmass Controlled By World's Shortest Dictator

The World's tiniest dictator 'Shorty' Vladimir Putin just blocked EU flights from landing in Moscow. He is trying to show support for fellow Communist despot 'Big Boy' Alexander Lukashenko.

We are more convinced than ever the Soviet bloc never collapsed. If you look at Little Vladimir carrying the can for psychopath dictators Lukashenko and Xi Jinping, you can see the iron curtain remains intact.

Of course Little Vladimir is a psychopath himself. With unlimited access to cold war nerve agents like Novichoc you would think he would use human growth hormone on himself so he doesn't look like an adult baby? We are interested in the effect human growth hormone would have on a 69 year old child like Little Vladimir.

For the US to get rid of Trump was a huge win for democracy and freedom on this planet. We are all working together to make the US great again now that the Communist bloc has been re-defined. Trump did nothing about China spreading COVID around the globe and that's why he stole the presidential election from himself. His bluster about 'high IQ' was all lies. People who think and act like Trump are just retarded.

Both China and Russia developed COVID vaccines quickly and it appears they had a head start because COVID was a bioweapon that dumb-ass Communists lost control of. Russia gave us Chernobyl and China gave as SARS and COVID. Isn't it time these nations were returned to agrarian-based economies and prevented from fiddling with tech outside their realm of understanding?

Why did the Maoists go to Mars? They don't know why they went because they are brainwashed automatons. We even have one in Australia's parliament.

Gladys Liu Update

We caught Ms Liu in Parliament on May 26 announcing what a great job Morrison is doing of 'securing Australia's recovery from COVID-19'. What shite? 

This was at exactly the same time as the Indian COVID strain was spreading in Melbourne due to the Federal government letting it in to the country. Morrison has 100% responsibility for our borders and they let the Indian COVID strain in. Just like they let the Ruby Princess into this country. 

We thought Ms Liu seemed happy COVID is spreading in Australia again. In December 2020 Ms Liu was promoting a communist agent who was thrown out of Australia.

How often has Beijing criticized Ms Liu for anything at all? Never.  

In our view Gladys Liu is a Communist Chinese double agent. Prove us wrong?

25 May 2021

Porter's Failed Defamation Proceedings Against The ABC

The Fallout. Ex-attorney general Porter is destined to a life of never being found innocent and never being found guilty, an outcome we predicted. The defamation action against the ABC looks like a ploy that ultimately only wasted Porter's money. It did prove Sue Chrysanthou was prepared to carry somebody else's private information into another person's case. Hopefully she takes-on the Pork Barilaro defamation and that ends-up in the trash can as well.


Just as Shane Dowling predicted the wheels have fallen off Porter's 'star legal team'.

Porter's chosen defamation barrister Sue Chrysanthou has been disallowed due to previously advising Jo Dyer, a friend of Katharine Thornton, the rape victim. (why are the corrupt Australian media not publishing her name?) Ms Dyer is expected to be a witness in the main case between Porter and the National broadcaster if that goes ahead.

Should Porter win against the ABC, damages would essentially be paid by the Australian taxpayer. Our recollection is that it was actually Porter who informed the nation he was the cabinet minister accused of an historical rape.

Kangaroo Court of Australia's Shane Dowling has intervened in the Porter defamation trial. Latest on that here.

                                   Porter Press Conference May 31-2021

Previously, Tasmanian Liberal Senator and solicitor Eric Abetz is alleged to have told the Tasmanian Speaker "not to worry, the woman is dead and the law will protect him".

We accept that Abetz actually did say that on the grounds he hasn't sued Ms Hickey for defamation and he hasn't taken a lie detector test. If that is his interpretation of the law then it means nobody would ever be found guilty of murder because the victims are all dead. Obviously, that's not the case but Abetz is a Trump disciple so in our view his grasp of reality is tenuous.

24 May 2021

The Axis Of Evil Dictators


Dictatorships are spreading around the world like the Indian COVID strain. We have Belurusian plane hijacker Alexander Lukashenko propped-up by Soviet 'Small Man Syndrome' Vladimir Putin, in turn propped up by Maoist Snake Head Xi Jinping. 

Jinping also props-up North Korean psychopath Kim Jong-Un who was befriended by Nutjob democracy denier Donald Trump. Trump was well on his way to becoming a dictator himself with about half of the mentally-deficient Australian Liberal Party accepting his stupid 'stolen election' conspiracy.

Those are just the 'apex dictators'. Xi Jinping is using Brazilian half wit Bolsonoro to convert the Amazon basin into a Chinese hamburger feedlot. Much of Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania are dotted with dictatorships. 

Locally, the Maoists have been threatening Australia rather than looking North at Putin's Siberia, the largest unoccupied land mass on Earth and just a stone's throw from Beijing. Xi Jinping would never tread on Putin's little baby toes would he?

Why don't these evil dictators hold a 'World Dictators Summit' where they can compare methods on suppressing democracy and clinging to power? They are too dysfunctional to even try but they have set up the main game of the 21st century. Dictator versus dictator.

Tiny Little Vladimir Blocks All EU Air Traffic From His Fiefdom

Read how Small Vladimir Putin is supporting Big Boy Lukashenko.


13 May 2021

The Psychological Unravelling Of Scott Morrison

This period of World history demands competent, intelligent leadership. There are very serious issues bought on by catastrophic overpopulation in Asia and the ravages of the pandemic. Then we have social breakdown and chaos in many countries of the World and debt levels never seen before in the history of the human race. We also have man-made climate change and the economic hit that has delivered. Standing-up to the Putin-Jinping bloc demands strong leadership as well.

Today the Guardian reports Morrison was 'out of his depth' when commenting on Taiwan. Here is what he said:

“What we know is that we have a situation with China where we’ve recognised, we’ve recognised, how they see these relationships within the region, particularly in relation to Taiwan formerly Hong Kong and things of that nature. And so Australia understands that and that’s always been the basis of our policies.”

Of course that is just gibberish and it's flat-out embarrassing for a leader of any country. Morrison has not got a clue but has he begun to unravel? He is in effective minority government and has to work with an assortment of loonies and brain-dead Nationals to cling to power. No wonder he is losing it himself?

The Cover-Up Of Brittany Higgins Rape

High-profile footballer Jarryd Hayne was accused of sexual assault on September 30 2018. He was charged 50 days later on November 19 2018.

Brittany Higgins said she was raped inside Parliament House in the office of then defense minister Linda Reynolds on Saturday March 23, 2019. The alleged rapist was fired by the defense minister 10 days later on Tuesday April 5 2019. That means Reynolds accepted Brittany Higgins had been raped.  

Morrison claims he was told about the alleged rape on Monday, February 15 2021 and his office was alerted three days earlier. That's almost two years later.

Morrison says an inquiry into which staff members in his office were aware of Brittany Higgins’ rape allegations has resumed.

On May 12 Mr Morrison said he hoped the report would be completed soon.“Mr Gaetjens hasn’t given me a date at this time but I would hope that he can provide one at the earliest opportunity,” So the chief fool is waiting for the date on when his office knew a woman was raped down the hall 2 years ago? Isn't this just one giant smokescreen? All the media knows the name of the parliament house rapist so why hasn't he been charged? 

If it took a month and a half for Jarryd Hayne to be charged, why is it taking well over 2 years for the 'parliament house rapist' to be charged? 

It's starting to look like Morrison is covering-up something a lot bigger than hiding a rape to win an election. There is no election now so why is Morrison protecting a rapist? Why did Peter Dutton bail-out of homeland security? The Liberals have let another rapist on the loose and after the endless sex scandals of the Morrison government that is another rapist too many. History will recognise that 'Scott Morrison government' is synonymous with 'rape'. This is a perverse chapter of LNP psychopathy.

Why does it take a month and a half to charge a footballer but 24 months and counting to charge a Liberal Party spin doctor?

7 May 2021

Scott Morrison's Role In Selling Darwin Port To China

Morrison intervened in Australia Post awarding 4 watches but did absolutely nothing to stop Communist China taking over the military port of Darwin for an entire century.

Scott Morrison told the media that in 2015 he could do nothing when the Northern Territory Country Liberal government leased the Port of Darwin to Communist China for a century.

Scott Morrison became treasurer in September 2015 in the new Turnbull government. Morrison was responsible for the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). As treasurer, Morrison became a member of the National Security Committee. This committee can make decisions that override cabinet.

Morrison's version: 'on the Port of Darwin issue that wasn’t a matter that came before the Federal Government for a decision. That was a matter that was decided by the Northern Territory Government. There was no FIRB approval because there was no FIRB assessment required'.

Morrison contradicted the NT government. 'Between July and October 2015, the bids were shortlisted, referred to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and the ACCC'. Why is Morrison lying?

Morrison contradicted the defense minister. Marise Payne, said in a statement, 'Defense does not have security concerns about the lease of the port to Chinese interests'.

Morrison blamed the opposition. 'blaming the lack of scrutiny on investment laws introduced by the former Labor government'.

Prime Minister Turnbull was shocked by the deal. The deal came before the national security committee. Why is Scott Morrison airbrushing history and what is he trying to hide? 

They could have postponed the deal until the Foreign Acquisition and Takeovers Act had been amended. As owners of Darwin Port, Communist China now has inside information on 100 naval ship movements a year for a century. Why bother having a defense force when it's controlled by Beijing?

According to Scott Morrison, a territory of the Commonwealth could lease a strategically important military port to a hostile totalitarian regime, cripple our defense agreements with the US and allies, and the government could do nothing? That has to be a lie.

In 2015 the ACT could lease Canberra Airport to North Korea and the government could do nothing? 

We are talking about a 'territory' here, the responsibility of the Commonwealth.

Habitually corrupt Morrison claims stopping a hostile foreign power from taking over a strategic Australian asset would break the law. This from the guy who devised 'sports rorts' and is covering-up a brutal rape, orgies, sex acts and male prostitution in his own government? The guy who invented robodebt?

Then there is the role of Andrew Robb. Robb was on the payroll of Landbridge before he resigned as an MP. According to Morrison "Andrew Rodd is a person of the highest integrity. I’ve known him for a very long time. He’s our finest ever Trade Minister". Today Robb us using hallucinogenic drugs 50 years after the rest of his generation discovered them.That's as retarded as it gets.

Leasing Darwin Port was a political not a legal decision, made in Canberra not Darwin. It may have been pushed by Andrew Robb or an agent for Beijing in cabinet. Was that agent Scott Morrison? It appears to have been implemented by stealth in order to surprise Turnbull.

Turnbull's position here was p1ss weak. Was he being played by the conservatives or were they holding something over him?

How deeply was Morrison involved in selling the Port of Darwin? Were kickbacks paid or were donations made to the Liberal Party by Landbridge and the Communists? 

The Australian LNP government has a track record of systemic corruption. Morrison's net worth is estimated in the tens of millions. How much of that came from selling his country to totalitarian China?