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Australia Day Jan 26 2016
The Hobart Mercury has a policy of censoring all comments that mention Sarawak's Taib Timber Cartel. What could Rupert Murdoch be getting from the Asian Timber Mafia that we don't know about???

Not published by the Mercury although true in every respect. Comment made here:


2015 and the Murdoch-owned Hobart Mercury is heavily censoring comments to protect the inept Hodgman Liberal government.
EXAMPLE. Stories on the proposal to wind-back corporate defamation laws have been bagged across the board. This story got a lot of comments but the Mercury did not publish any of them.
Watch-out for the Mercury? They are a totally compromised outlet. Did you know Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal owns 6.6% of News Corp and is keeping Rupert in power?
Rupert has a reciprocal interest of 20 per cent in Alwaleed's media company, Rotana
The hidden agenda at News Corp is climate change denial to help the Saudis sell more oil and of course Sharia Law. 

The Launceston Examiner is still covering-up corruption in the Liberal Party
A routine 'no news day' story about a dispute inside the Liberal Party over the GST distribution but the Examiner had to block this comment:
I wish Hodgman and Nikolic were as keen to comment on illegal donations to the NSW Liberal Party that were allegedly funnelled through the Liberal National branch as they are to comment on speeches made during the WA branch convention.
How about commenting on who paid for the PM's daughters college fees as well?


The precious little coconut ices at Tasmanian Times rejected a comment on a photograph?
Sunrise Mt Wellington
Ben Lomond is higher and Mount Ossa is higher still.
Even so, Mount Wellington is a pretty impressive pile of dolerite and gives the 'public service town' something to cluster around. It also makes Hobart Australia's most awesome capital city in my view. I'm pretty sure all of Australia's capital cities are situated on 'flooded river valleys' as a result of the end of the last ice age and the melting of the glaciers. Sydney has Australias best know 'suicide spot' at the Gap and maybe thats what Hobart is missing. Where can a failed public servant in Hobart kill themselves? Go ahead TT inject some testosterone and print that?
Peter Whish-Wilson's Attack On Jennifer Hawkins - Tasmanian Times Greens Propaganda Unit
Cleaver 22. Yeah and its all Jennifer Hawkins fault. PWW should urge the McGrath Foundation to hand the whole $1.35 million back to Mount Franklin mineral water.
What right have people got to donate money to cancer research while plastic bottles are falling out of boats into the ocean? Can't Jennifer Hawkins give-up modelling and spend all her time helping Australians look after their drink bottles? PWW would do that for sure if he didn't have such an important job representing Tasmania along with the other 11 senators.
Anti Gang Legislation

Tas Inc doesn't want any competition.

Supreme Court judges

"Terrible choices for the new Supreme Court judges. Absolutely inappropriate"
The Examiner is heavily spin-managing Gunns liquidation The fuckers at the Ex are even protecting the corrupt Giddings government. 
Gunns: it's liquidation
Gunns look like they were insolvent much earlier than September 2012 and the premier and opposition knew. Why were these poor investors not warned?
The close relationship of TWS, ACF and Ta Ann
 Vica Bailey must reveal how much intelligence on Tasmanian environmentalists he has provided to the Sarawak cartel that own Ta Ann. The Cartel is known to be exceedingly crooked and regularly removes opponents who are never seen again. How many names and addresses has Bayley provided to Ta Ann's owners?
____________________________________________________________________________ Maybe the TIC could just use their limited resources to unearth one really smelly example of corruption in Tas Govt, most likely in Tasmania Police. They would thereby create a very convincing case for politicians to up their budget or look bad otherwise.

Anonymous12 January 2013 22:15

Comment submitted in response to commenter named "Richard" but not published by The Examiner:

"Richard, so right. Economies of scale are one benefit and also it seems to me that when one looks at larger councils, there is less of this nepotism and cronyism. Corruption has a harder time flourishing when it has to deal with a good manager at the top. Of course Tassie's Integrity Commission is not functioning but just supposing it could be made to function, along with the Supreme Court being just (NB: the current Tas Chief Justice retires sometime before April 1), then several large councils across the state would be relatively
immune to the systemic corruption we currently are having to deal with.

Anyone sitting in on meetings of tiny George Town Council with its 5000 or so elector-base, will see shocking discontent among those who watch its activities closely. Police end up needing to be called to its meetings on many an occasion. Clearly it would be better if we just had an Integrity Commission that operated as Tasmanians expect it should rather than making excuses that it lacks funding and appropriate legal provisions to enforce fit and proper conduct with the Tasmanian public service and especially state police force."

Tasmanian Times appears to be covering-up corruption at UTAS. Why?
This comment was rejected by Tasmanian Times editor Linz.

Ron 4. Thanks for clearing that up. I now believe UTAS should have a faculty of 'Racketeering and Organised Crime' on the Sandy Bay campus. 'R&OC' is a definite growth area within the Tasmanian economy. Great care has been taken to ensure nobody ever faces prosecution for activity in this area. I'm so enthusiastic about it I'm working on a set of brochures encouraging global racketeers to establish a presence in Tasmania. Thanks for your continuing support.


Comments like this are being heavily censored by the Launceston Examiner
Green Fails To Open Up On Mill Deal

And yet there was no tender process for Neville Smith Timbers to manage the mill. Gunns timber allocation was supposed to have been surrendered voluntarily even though the State compensated them and then bought back the same allocation. All above board eh?


Comment deleted from this Tasmanian Times article  'The legal ambush that sank marriage equality'

 For me Lara Giddings and Nick McKim have overshot the mark on same sex marriage. Why should Tasmanians have 'marriage equality' when Lara Giddings ruthlessly bullies and discriminates against Tasmanians just because they live in the Tamar Valley? We are expected to dismantle our tourist attractions and vineyards so visitors can fly over us to Nick and Laras electorates where they won't have to put up with dioxins and pollution from Laras pulp mill. In my view Lara Giddings is a hypocrite who pays lip service to bullying while spending her entire public life bullying Tasmanians in places like Rosebery, George Town Copping, Beaconsfield and just about everywhere else on the island she can destroy people's workplace health and safety to please her union support base. It's time all Tasmanians united to fight discrimination and bullying in our state and guess who is our number 1 perpetrator?

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When we put together the article

with the recent Four Corners doco:

it becomes clear why Australia, and indeed Tasmania as well, might want to be very careful about who we let into our country and down-under island. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are no joke. India is named in that documentary, as a major abuser of antibiotics and home to some of the scariest new threats to antibiotics as a weapon to protect sick people. The alternative to be able to use antibiotics, is generally amputation.


Anonymous said...

Good article in today's Mercury:

Anonymous said...

I notice you can't comment on the RSPCA story in the Merc. Why?

Anonymous said...

There can be a reason why The Examiner wont publish a comment. It seems if you are not a registered Disqus user, and have the option selected to receive notification of follow-up comments, that the email address you specify there for receiving these email notifications of follow-up comments must confirm it is willing to receive those notifications and if it doesn't, your actual comment on the article will be presumed presented under a bogus name/email address and so not appear on that online article.

Anonymous said...

Has InsideTasmania been rejecting readers comments as well?

Anonymous said...

One comment was deemed defamatory. Try to add evidence of any allegations rather than just sweeping statements. This page is for publishing rejected comments not acting as a judge and jury.

Anonymous said...

First time I have agreed with Barry Prismall
Maybe it's because the TIC is going after West Tamar Council as a soft target? The whole place is rotten so why didn't Prismall's Liberal buddies request a full-blown ICAC? Because they are just as corrupt as Labor.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Good story regarding innards of Tasmania:

Anonymous said...

Do Tasmanian taxpayers honestly feel like paying $300/day to incarcerate this 28 y.o. woman for having sex with a 16 year old, twice?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when one puts "" in the browser address bar, the result is shown as a website that is "Parked"?

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... <-- help them get registered for the Sep2013 federal election. Need 500 members. Membership is $20 and the party objectives are at section 7 in

Anonymous said...

On 18 Sep 2014, didn't publish the comment,
"Didn't Jeremy recently split up with his wife Karina, or is that incorrect?"
on the article

Anonymous said...

On 18 Jan 2016, Examiner online didn't publish the comment: "The local [Tasmanian] police inspector has a criminal record in the USA. From Idaho state records show an inspector was picked up in Idaho in 1999 for drink driving while on the way to a hunting camp. He spent four days in jail." on the article (minor edits)

Anonymous said...

The Tasmanian Times article (extracted directly from a News Ltd article) mentions the police inspector's name directly. Beaconsfield in West Tamar Subdivision lies within the police inspector's currently assigned jurisdiction of Deloraine Police Station.