26 Feb 2021

The Alleged Parliament House Rapist


Thanks to Shane at the amazing Kangaroo Court of Australia.

Bruce Lehrmann Also Worked For Bridget McKenzie

Bruce appears to be a PR guy who moves between federal departments. In 2018 he was working in Bridget McKenzie's rural health department. Somehow they were managing a radiation spill at Lucas Heights at the time?

email grab from here.
Bruce could still be employed by Canberra PR firm Parker & Partners

Interesting to see if those pages disappear? There is a relentless information cleansing campaign being carried-out by the Liberals ATM.

Questions for Bruce Lehrmann. Are you related to Scott Morrison by marriage? Are you a member of the Hillsong Church? (both posted to twitter)

Importantly, did Border Force allow you to fly out of Australia while under investigation for rape?

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