6 Jan 2020

Mona Foma Funded By Liberal Climate Change Blood Money

After 6 years of Liberal government the country is on fire and large sections of the economy have collapsed. The Liberals obsessively refuse to declare a 'climate emergency' resorting to the military to cover-up their incompetence.

Meanwhile in Tasmania, people are being invited to buy $139 tickets to a pseudo-art w@nk-fest funded by the Liberal totalitarian* government with money from destroying the Earth's climate.

More childish diversions for adults

Boycott Mona Foma 2020

The Liberals are wasting $1.75 million tax dollars a year to fund this FIFO garbage (fly-in, fly-out) in a town where mothers giving birth endure 30 degree temperatures in maternity wards with no air conditioning.
That's probably why Tasmanian health minister and plonk maker Sarah Courtney was launching this pathetic diversion.

That's Sarah on the right and 'has been' US rock muso Brian Ritchie in the middle. Brian is mining a lucrative colonial government-funded art seam in Tasmania.

The main reason not to attend Mona Foma is the Liberal totalitarian government will implement convict era prison sentences for anyone trying to save forests in Tasmania.

The 15 year old who killed pregnant mother Sarah Paino in a stolen car got a two and a half year sentence while conservationists can spend a maximum 21 years behind bars for trying to defend forests that are the lungs of the Earth. As further punishment the Liberals ensure prison inmates are routinely sexually abused just like in the convict era. 
MONA FOMA may as well hold public floggings of conservationists for their jaded FIFO audiences.

How does David Walsh and Brian Ritchie feel about the future of the human race as they take climate change blood money from the Liberals filthy hands? Walsh's MONA gallery is just 'exhibit A' in a dying Tasmania. 

The Mona Foma Money Trail And FIFO Audience
They import mostly overseas artists and acts. They attempt to import most of the audience to fill hotels owned by offshore interests like Federal Hotels, who then fund the Liberals election campaigns. Surely Walsh and Ritchie would be aware this is a scam?

Imagine the hit all this meaningless air travel has on the Earths climate? The Liberals are converting Tasmania into a desert and the MONA gallery is helping them. We know for a fact David Walsh understands cause and effect. Tasmania is being milked by jaded, middle aged ego trippers.

*Will Hodgmans Deep Links To Totalitarian Communism
There is a big file on the many trips Hodgman has made to Communist China. The result of all that butt-kissing is Tasmania is internationally regarded as 'The Toilet Roll of Asia'. The Chinese Communists control huge swathes of Tasmania as well as entire industries such as wool, seafood, dairy, woodchips, fruit and wind farms.

The weird thing is, Liberals are anti-trade union, free market capitalists, not rusted-on to Xi Jinpings underpants. The gutless Tasmanian media never calls out the Liberals so they just grow bloated egos. Hell, Willy Hodgman even had to play with the Violent Femmes to fulfill his B-grade rock fantasy. The same band he funds with your taxes. Corrupt.

Why pay to see this crap?

Will Hodgman's Relentless Promotion Of The Alcohol Industry

Throughout the year Hodgman was opening craft breweries and designer distilleries, knowing alcohol is a carcinogen that's overloading the health care system. Tasmania already has the worst health stats in Australia. We think we know why he is doing it.

Brian Ritchie may claim Mona Foma acts are 'trippy' but Hodgman is counting on the fact alcohol destroys brain cells and memories.

Hodgman desperately wants people to forget why they voted for unlimited access to poker machines but no access to a drought and bushfire safe Tasmania. 
He wants you to forget why his government cloud seeded the Upper Derwent Valley while a flood alert was in place that drowned innocent Tasmanians. 
A question Hodgman does not want you to ask 'Why is Hobart on water restrictions today when most of Southern Tasmania was once covered by rain forest'?

Hodgman wants you to forget thousands of blunders his bankrupt and dysfunctional government makes continually. Why they have been crippled by their own retirement fund, why they helped China build military bases in Antarctica, why they sold the North-West tip of Tasmania to the Communists ..the list is endless.

When you pop a cork or open a can, remember that Will Hodgman wants to erase your memory. But hey, don't forget to drive back to your hotel from that designer distillery while you are still pissed, just so you can scare the sh1t out of the local population.


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