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24 Sept 2019

Eric Abetz Channels Hitler While Representing 0.18% Of The Electorate

German-born Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz, a guy who represents almost nobody has done a big whinge about not being able to spend years arguing against climate change.
We are glad extreme operatives like Abetz no longer be heard. We really don't have the luxury of spending decades arguing about climate change. Now is a time for action not words!

Abetz is one of 12 Tasmanian senators representing half a million people.  Abetz's mandate is one twelfth of half a million or 42,000 people. This is out of a country of 25 million people. Break down the numbers, including the non-voting population and you are left with 0.18% of the Australian population have elected Abetz. He sure does a lot of whining for a guy representing almost nothing.

Abetz claimed Hitler would be 'so proud' of an online site for shutting the door on people like him. But wasn't it Abetz's own family who thought Hitler was so great they chose to help him take-over the World? After slaughtering millions of innocent people Hitler and his thugs left their carbon from WW2 and it's still in the atmosphere today.

In our view Eric Abetz is a dangerous Armageddon cultist opposed to a balanced and functioning ecosystem on Earth. He appears to want to end life on Earth. If you don't like this planet Eric then why not find one you do?

For the record.
We will not publish any replies by Abetz or any other carbon extremists.

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