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29 Jul 2017

Abetz Renounced German Citizenship in 2010 - 6 years After Entering The Australian Senate

This appears to be a statement of fact in the case of Eric Abetz's German citizenship and intelligibility to sit in Australia's senate as a 'dual national'.  Abetz renounced his German citizenship in 2010 after being pursued to the High Court by John Hawkins.
German nationality is not straight forward, but the big unanswered question is this: "How could Eric Abetz renounce a citizenship he did not have?"
Obviously he DID HAVE German citizenship and Australian citizenship up until 2010. The implication is Abetz spent 6 years defrauding the Commonwealth by breaching section 44 of the Constitution.
While the 'dual citizenship crisis' could potentially bring down the Turnbull Government we Tasmanians have spent 7 years trying to get anybody to listen to us. We found this video from August 2010 that parodies Abetz's [alleged] dual citizenship.

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