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11 Nov 2016

Introducing First Lady Melania And The Last President of the United States

Inside Tasmania publishes lots of articles about how men are running the world (badly). The rest of the net is melting-down about President Trump at the moment but who needs another mugshot of that ugly SOB?
Especially when the 46 year old First Lady wears metal bikinis?
We would like to remind readers at this point that US total debt is now $66 Trillion.
And remember Trumps plan is to default on US debt? So Emperor Trump has no clothes or ideas about what he is really doing in the White House. Any street crim can default on debt.
President Trump is just the product of debt and desperation in the US. We have the same problem in Australia.
Back to Melania. Just the second foreign-born first lady of the US. "Melania was born Melanija Knavs in 1970 and raised in the small alpine town of Sevnica in Slovenia, then a part of communist Yugoslavia. She Germanised her name to Melania Knauss after becoming a model.

Her father Viktor was a car salesman known for his smart and imposing bearing - not unlike his famous future son-in-law - and her mother Amlija, to whom Donald Trump bears a striking resemblance, worked for a clothing factory.

Both parents are described as ambitious and driven, qualities they encouraged in Melania and her older sister Ines. These days they spend much of the year with their daughter and her 10-year-old son, Barron, at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Melania also has an older half-brother she is believed to have not met."

Despite Trumps rhetoric on illegal immigration, Melania violated US immigration law. She arrived in the US on Aug 27, 1996 on a visitor visa but was paid for 10 modelling jobs the following month, seven weeks before she received a working visa.
Isn't it great having a first lady from the Republic of Slovenia living in the White House?

Michael Moore - Trump the Last President of the United States


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