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18 Apr 2016

The Boaty McBoatface Dilemma - Should The Public Vote At All?

The polls have closed on naming a new British polar research vessel. The winner by a whopping 4 times more than the next name was 'Boaty McBoatface'.
We agree the name does suit the ship, but having the climate and polar ice melting investigated by a vessel named 'Boatface' begs the question 'no wonder we couldn't stop climate change if these are the same people who vote in elections'. And they are. No wonder we are stuffed! Before getting on to anything deep and meaningful we need to add that the name RRS (royal research ship) Boaty McBoatface was suggested by somebody who actually worked for the builders of the £200 million ship, The Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC).
That man's name is James Hand and he has since disowned the name 'Boatface' but only after his suggested name went viral. Chief executive of the NERC, Duncan Wingham, now faces the dilemma of choosing between Boaty McBoatface and something more realistic such as the 'RRS David Attenborough'. If they dump the McBoatface name they are ignoring public opinion and admitting they should never have invited the public to name the vessel in the first place. If they can't get a poll right how good are they at Arctic research?
The deep and meaningful.

It's been established by at least one researcher that the public is hopeless at voting for 'leaders'. Because the majority of the voting public has an average IQ, they consistently elect 'leaders' with slightly above average 'abilities'. We think this explains the idiotic state of the worlds economy, it's geopolitics and it's environment. In Australia we are called a 'democracy' but with a head of state in another country, who we can't vote for, a non-proportional senate election and a bloated bureaucracy that can't afford to pay for itself. Our Prime Minister has declared 'war on unions' but bows and scrapes at the feet of wealthy Chinese Communist dictators. None of this makes sense yet it's 'the will of the people'?
Turnbull won't even tell us if his Chinese buddies hacked the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website (bet they did). Where's Boaty McBoatface when you need him?

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