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21 Mar 2016

Islam Is Not A Religion But A Mental Illness



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The corrupt Saudi dictators know that Islam is a fake religion.

Here we present a theory that the so-called 'religion' of Islam is actually the mass systematic brainwashing of individuals, mostly from birth, using social reinforcement of delusional thinking. These individuals perception of reality has been hijacked and replaced with a gross deception. This leads to long-term delusional thinking and mental illness.

Disclaimer. We don't posit any other religion as better or worse than Islam. We acknowledge Islam has perfected the psychological devices of fear, ignorance, exploitation and intimidation better than other religions. We know of no other religion that implemented violence and forced conversions from its beginning.
Over 1620 died when 2 streams of religious automatons collided in Mecca
The initial premise of the so-called 'last prophet' was the Quran had been dictated to him by god in the form of an angel. It's illegal (blashemy) for Muslims to even question if the prophet was experiencing auditory hallucinations (voices in his head) rather than being selected by 'god' to relay messages from an 'angel' to the general population. If god is omnipotent, why didn't he talk to the entire population all at once? Most religions decided long ago to monopolise the 'word of god' to a few individuals so they could control their victims easily. Just questioning this is the crime of 'blasphemy' for victims of Islam.

It's far too convenient for religions to have a single 'prophet' whose utterances become law. It's much more probable the 'prophet' decided to improve his social and historical reputation by fabricating the Quran himself. Nobody can disprove Islam is just a complete fabrication from day one, and the Saudi mullahs and Iranian ayatollahs know that to be fact. They are parasites feeding on ignorance and fear.

Unfortunately, using the brutal suppression system that Islam implemented from it's birth, objective thought was never permitted to be applied to the initial premise or any of it's outrageous claims. Many Muslims actually think they will go to a 'paradise' when they die although this has can never be substantiated.

The contradictions of Islam.
Islam is full of contradictory statements but that is true of all religions.
The problem with Islam is many of their contradictions lead to gross human rights violations and criminal child abuse.
Example. 'Allah' is supposed to have created a perfect or 'complete' world yet every Muslim has to have their sex organs mutilated. Why the obsession with mutilating children?
We will not list the hundreds of ridiculous Islamic contradictions here as many ex-Muslims have done that for us. Refer to:
Moderate, Radical or Brainwashed?

Individual happiness means freedom from Islam
Unlike many Western leaders like Malcolm Turnbull, we believe Islam must be carefully 'managed' using the reverse psychological methods they use to intimidate their brainwashed followers. Muslims need to be actively deprogrammed for their own mental well being.

Muslims are not used to rational thought and they have been programmed to respond with violence against objective thinking. They have been indoctrinated into total allegiance and intolerance. So called 'moderate Islam' is simply an incubator for 'radical Islam' as both radical and moderate factions subscribe to the same delusional thought system. Imagine a huge empire built on one guy's auditory hallucinations and millions of people too terrified to question the insanity?

Muslim countries are unhappy places full of fear and retarded thinking. They routinely practice extreme physical violence against each other and sects of their own faith.
No wonder they always want to escape to other countries to exploit the happiness they know exists everywhere but in their sad mosques of illusion?

Even 'moderate' Moslem’s believe in destroying ancient temples but they let their 'extremist' brothers do the dirty work. Both moderate and extreme Muslims believe in an 'end of days'. Then the dysfunctional 'Allah' who supposedly created the universe, yet is so childishly insecure and self-centered that he can't tolerate the slightest criticism or any other deity, will return to wreak judgement on those who didn't slavishly adopt his idiotic theology.

This rubbish could not have been dictated by 'god' and therefore must be the work of an illiterate man. Why aren't Muslims open to that idea? Instead, we have the reality established by science subverted by extreme delusional thinking that is enforced by brutal murders. Incredibly, Australia permits this violent message to remain tax-exempt. Moslem’s need to understand that their religion does not stand up to modern rational scrutiny.

Imagine if Moslems did dominate the Earth and convert everybody to a stone-age belief system? That world would be a million times worse than Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World. It would be the end of everything humanity and science has achieved in the history of civilisation. It would be the end of civilisation itself. We don't want to live in that brutal, ignorant, primitive, Sharia world of hatred.  
Islam is an extremely serious mental illness and the theology needs to be totally re-written.

Muhammad - sexual hypocite
Muhammad was a paedophile with a 9 year old sex slave.

This is a quote from the weblink above.

"Muhammad was married to thirteen women, including eleven at one time. He relegated them to either consecutive days or (according to some accounts) all in one night. He had sex with a 9-year-old girl and married his adopted son's wife (after arranging a quick divorce). On top of that, Muhammad had a multitude of slave girls and concubines with whom he had sex - sometimes on the very days in which they watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of his army.
So, by any realistic measure, the creator of the world's most sexually restrictive religion was also one of the most sexually indulgent characters in history".

History proves that using force against Islam is completely the wrong strategy because that is how Islam came into being. Islam's victims need to be shown kindness and given assistance to deprogram. That strategy deprives the mullahs and ayatollahs of the negativity they feed on and crave.

Blasphemy and Apostasy - How Islam Terrorizes It's Victims

Two so-called 'laws' that Muslims use to abuse humans around the globe are blasphemy and apostasy.
'Blasphemy' in Islam is insulting the Prophet Muhammad, his companions or an angel, or denying the prophethood of one of the Islamic prophets.

Source Wikipedia

Interestingly, Britain and Australia have restrictions on blasphemy while some middle eastern countries have the death penalty.
Blasphemy in Islam is an illusion - how can you insult an angel or a dead person?

'Apostasy' is the invented crime of 'abandoning Islam'. By making leaving Islam a crime the cynical controllers of Islam effectively 'lock-in' their victims. Imagine how many people the Muslims have killed over the centuries under these neanderthal 'laws'?


Anonymous said...

Islam is no different to christianity, judaism, hindi or any other belief in deluded fantasy, including communism and are all violent, suppressive abusers of life, by definition, action and words.

We are at the end of the human ideological era and reality is taking over from their deluded fantasies they have violently forced upon the life of this planet.

Religion and ideology over all, has brought life on this planet to the brink of extinction, yet all these deranged believers in god/s, refuse to see what they are and have done. They also refuse to change their approaches and are in denial of their psychotically psychopathic mental state, which means the only end in site, is fatalistic and destined for destruction of life.

Anonymous said...

While the existence of any religion is regretable, given that religion functions as an intellectual and spiritual straitjacket, Islam is the worst of the lot.

Mohammed sanctioned pedophilia, genocide, rape, beheadings, torture, raids on civillian caravans, and reduced the rights of women to practically none at all. It was not a peaceful movement that was hijacked by extremists, it was an extreme and violent ideology from the get go. The sooner the world realizes that, the sooner they can recognize that there is no reforming this particular religion. Just as you can't cook with spoiled ingredients and create a good meal, you also cannot get something good out of a religion created out of hatred and malice. Islam needs to be case aside for the good of humanity.

The god of the Qu'ran is a demented sadist, most likely a product of Mohammeds mental illness. Were this man alive today, he would most likey be in either prison or a mental hospital, given the scope of his crimes and delusions.

That over a billion people follow this mans insanity is beyond me. Islam is not a religion so much as it is the worlds most successful cult.