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31 Oct 2015

Is An Ex-Australian Prime Minister On Secret "Paedophile List"?

Senator Bill Heffernan is in possession of a secret list of 28 alleged 'elite' paedophiles that was signed-off by Gary Crooke QC. Crooke was a former senior counsel assisting the Wood royal commission into NSW police corruption in the 1990s. The list was bought-up in a Senate estimates committee hearing by Liberal Bill Heffernan on October 20 2015.
Inside Tasmania has not seen the list and and is not in a position to speculate on who any of the alleged paedophiles are. Was the list originally from evidence given by paedophile victim Fiona Barnett? If not, it's interesting she is corroborating Senator Heffernan. She says the list includes a former governor general, a former education minister as well as high-ranking police and judiciary.

There is enough detail in Senator Heffernan’s allegations to make them very credible. Some of the details are:
  1. The list “formed part of police documents that had been “signed off” by Gary Crooke, QC, the former senior counsel assisting NSW’s Wood royal commission into police corruption in the 1990s. Mr Crooke declined to comment when contacted by Fairfax Media on Tuesday.”
  2. The list includes a former Australian Prime Minister, judges, members of the legal fraternity and others.
  3. “Every Commonwealth attorney-general since Philip Ruddock had seen the list”. This seems to have been confirmed by Philip Ruddock and Former Labor Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus.
  4. Senator Heffernan “accused former royal commissioner Justice James Roland Wood of refusing to investigate lawyers who had allegedly attended a Kings Cross “boy brothel”. (Click here to read more)
  5. The name of the club was Costellos and was a known “boy brothel” attended by members of the Sydney legal fraternity. (Click here to read more)
  6. Former Royal Commissioner Wood denied the allegations by Senator Heffernan, but not outright. “Mr Wood could not recall if the alleged list had been raised at the 1995 commission but said: “I reject that we failed to investigate anyone that fell within our terms of reference.” That is a very weak denial by Mr Wood and allows him plenty of wriggle room to change his story later down the track if needed. (Click here to read more)

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