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3 Sept 2015

Tony Abbott - 'Nazis Felt Shame About Evil' - That Makes Them OK Does It?

In the run-up to the Canning by-election Tony Abbott is trying to make every kick a field goal. Unfortunately, Abbott mostly kicks 'own goals' due to some weird self-defeating messianic complex. With Canning putting Abbotts leadership on the line within his own party, we are all expecting a huge right-wing bit of military tub-thumping in the next week or so. 'ABBOTT BOMBS SYRIA' scream the headlines which messianic complex Abbott thinks will get him over the line in Canning.
Today Abbott told Alan Jones 'The latest [Isis] atrocity apparently was four young men being strung up and burnt alive,' said Abbott, who has made similar comments before. 'I mean, the Nazis did terrible evil but they had sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it'. So what was Abbott's point? That Nazis are better than IS, or that hiding atrocities is superior to not hiding them? He's lost us.

We now think they are so far to the right they probably are Nazis. Australians are now being lectured in German accents by Abbott Ministers Abetz and Corman. Erich Abetz finally renounced German citizenship after sitting in the senate for years as a dual national. Then there is Erich's extensive Nazi lineage, which he appears to carry with some pride. The Liberal Party look and sound like the reincarnation of 'Global Fascism'.
Both Abetz and Brandis have likened the Greens to 'Nazis' for the horrendous crime of attempting to care for our life support system.
Abbott makes a habit of fascist references that are totally out of place in a once tolerant society.
He called Bill Shorten the 'Dr Goebbels of economic policy' and claimed Labor presided over a 'jobs Holocaust' both of which he was forced to retract.
Sure, there are endless fascist parallels we could draw but the real problem with Abbott's Liberals is these bloody Middle Eastern invasions and bombings were supposed to make us safer. They haven't one bit made us safer, and the blame goes right back to the obsessive Free Mason and Monarchist witch doctor John Howard. Like Abbott, Brandis and Abetz, Howard was a far-right wing lawyer who turned the denial of the British Invasion of Australia into an art form.
They know they have blood on their hands and they know they have committed genocide.

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