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22 Aug 2015

90-95% Of Ashley Madison Users Are Men - The Real Story

An important fact the media failed to report is that the massive Ashley Madison data leak happened because the site is a fraud. They were manufacturing thousands of fake female profiles. Check the README file from the data dump?

Its clear what happened. Site founder Noel Bidderman was running a scam tempting mostly men with a sales pitch of "To us the perfect affair is meeting someone and not being discovered."
Noel Bidderman
Bidderman and Avid Life Media was mainly involved in a testosterone harvesting operation in return for money. To achieve that they manufactured thousands of fake female profiles. This is not a legitimate business. This is a scam.
We downloaded the entire dump using bittorent from here.
The dump is made-up of large MySQL database files. We could load them into a database and search them but why bother?
We know men didn't ask to be born men and its not their fault 'god' decided to load them-up with testosterone to ensure the survival of the species. As a result men have been getting ripped-off since we lived in caves and trees. Ashley Madison is just the latest chapter of the oldest story on Earth. We're glad Avid Life Media have lost their data. As for the poor bastard who claims to be a gay living in Saudi Arabia who could face the death penalty because of the leak we say 'get the fuck out of a stone-age religious kingdom before you blame the TIMESUP squad'. They did it to help you and 'you'll get over it'.
We had a link to the World government email list for Ashley Madison but have decided not to go with it anymore.

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