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31 Jul 2015

Walter Palmer, Hunting Wildlife And Psychopathy

Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer is a millionaire who tortures and kills animals for fun. Doesn't that make him a 'psychopath'?
Palmer needs to be taught a lesson, but so does the whole hunting culture of macho wankers who think killing innocent animals is 'sport' or 'pleasure'.
People like Aussie cricketers Glen McGrath and Brett Lee. They don't need to kill wild animals for food or protection because our supermarkets are overflowing with every type of food you can imagine. They are killing just to kill aren't they?

* Psychopaths have an impaired sense of smell.

Social media are leading the hunt for Walter Palmer. He's on the run but he can't run for ever. Sooner or later he will be enticed out of his refuge and will have to face reality. Check the facebook page 'Shame Lion Killer Dr Walter Palmer and River Bluff Dental'? This is an opportunity for good people worldwide to teach the psychos in our midst how we expect them to bahave. We are not worried about being sued by Palmer because we believe he is in urgent need of psychiatric attention for his undiagnosed condition.

* Psychopaths have an impaired sense of smell
Some interesting research from Australia indicates an impaired sense of smell is a likely marker for psychopathic traits. They found those with a diminished sense of smell were more likely to score well on a psychopathy traits test.
Do you know somebody who likes to kill animals and has no sense of smell? You could even be married to one of them.

Lastly, why would anybody donate to the McGrath Foundation? Glenn McGrath needs to REPLACE the elephants he has killed before I would donate anything to the foundation he set up in memory of his ex-wife.
UPDATE. The 'Shame Lion Killer' facebook page is currently bombarding Walter Palmers dental business with requests for dental appointments. How are your teeth at the moment? info@riverbluffdental.com

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