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30 Jul 2015

The Pastor Who Drugged And Raped A 13 Year Old Girl

                                         Photo of pastor David Volmer
from Perth Now
AN evangelical preacher who once headed the Prison Fellowship Program in WA has pleaded guilty to child rape, molestation and drugging offences.

Dawid Volmer, better known as David Volmer, was charged last month with three counts each of indecently dealing with a child under 13, indecently dealing with a child over 13 and under 16, sexually penetrating a child over 13 and under 16 and stupefying in order to commit an indictable offence.
The Sunday Times understands the charges relate to the one victim, who is not related to the married father-of-two.
It is also part of an ongoing police investigation.
Volmer, 41, pleaded guilty to the 12 charges in Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Originally from South Africa, Volmer lived in the US and Singapore before coming to WA. Once here, he set up a branch of the South African Acts Christian Church in Carramar and became state executive director of the Prison Fellowship Program, a religious outreach scheme for inmates.
Volmer joined the Fellowship in October 2012 and resigned a week ago.
Australian chair Michael Wood said the Fellowship had been co-operating with authorities on the matter, but declared that none of its clients was involved.
A Facebook page of Volmer’s, which has since been taken down, was littered with quotes and references on morality, women’s modesty and sexual freedom.

“Morality may keep you out of jail, but only the blood of Jesus will keep you out of hell,” he posted on May 21.
A week earlier he shared a post on how women’s bodies were like diamonds and pearls, ending it with: “Let us all encourage our wives, friends and daughters to dress well and decently!”

Volmer is on bail and will face the District Court in August. He faces a lengthy prison stint, with the maximum penalties for each of his crimes ranging from seven to 20 years.
Acts Christian Church of Mozambique has issued a statement 'of regret' over the confession of Volmer dated July 8.

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