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14 Jul 2015

Abbott Declares War On Australia

Why do you call Abbott's team 'psychopaths'?
The Abbott government demand total accountability and disclosure from Australian businesses, taxpayers and welfare clients. They on the other hand, hide critical information about border protection, detention centres, bribery of foreign officials, illegal foreign invasions, water-boarding and torture by their allies as well as support for totalitarian dictatorships and corrupt regimes.
That means they operate a 'two-tiered moral system' just like Hitler and every dictator since. 'Team Psychopath' also allow asylum seekers to be murdered while in their 'care' and allow children to be sexually abused while in their 'care'. That's why we call the  Abbott government 'psychopaths'.

Free Trade Agreements Cripple The Australian Economy
Australia's new submarines will be built by a foreign nation, probably Japan. According to independent senator Nick Xenophon, Japan could build the submarines in South Australia but prefer to build them in Japan.
That outcome will leave South Australia in dire economic circumstances after the Abbott government closed-down all auto manufacturing in Australia due to its insistence on signing free trade agreements.
The FTA's reduced car tariffs to nothing and killed our auto manufacturing industry just to help foreign countries.

Meanwhile in Tasmania, fuel tanker the Alexander Spirit remains stuck in Devonport because the crew refuse to sail to Singapore to be replaced by a foreign crew. This is more than one ship and one crew. Abbott has shut-down all Australia's oil refining capacity in his mania to sign free trade agreements.
So what happens to the hundreds of thousands of Australian workers 'Team Psychopath' has put out of work?
From July 1 this year they will have to 'work for the dole' at convict slave labour rates while they apply for a job a day in a stagnant economy. Abbott and his German-born henchman Eric Abetz use foreign-owned 'service providers' such as Max Employment to shuttle thousands of unemployed around in their non-existent, colonial labour market.
So why have a bunch of neo-con lawyers declared war on the Australian economy? It maybe part of a larger global conspiracy to impose a neo-con elitist ruling class over the very people these 'psychopaths' pretend to represent.
You may notice something else about 'Team Psychopath'? They rarely appear in public or engage in public discourse. They robotically act-out their idealogical programming like true 'psychopaths'.

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