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26 Jun 2015

Islam Is Not A Religion

UPDATE. Another day and another hundred or so people around the globe randomly slaughtered due to somebody else's so-called 'religious belief'. It's way past time to call a halt on this insanity.
Our Constitution states we have religious freedom in Australia, however a 'belief' based entirely on violence could not possibly be termed 'religion'.

What we have seen this week is the opportunistic Liberal Party using Islamic extremism as an excuse to launch their own 'Jihad' against public broadcaster, the ABC.
Australia is heading for decades of misery unless we stop supporting primitive 'violence based' so called 'religions' such as Islam. Perhaps all of the religions that originated in the Middle East are based on violence and fear. They should be taxed as 'corporations' which is really what they are.

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Anonymous said...

All religion is violent and not one can claim to be loving or caring in any way. The entire history of religion is nothing but genocidal invasion, suppression, slaughter and elitism.

As the majority of politicians are crazed god nutters, their aim is to get rid of any dissent against their macabre and primitively deranged ideology. Attacking the ABC is just an exercise to try to put the spotlight elsewhere, so they can continue to weave their degenerate web of deceit and suppressive control.