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12 Feb 2015

Andrew Nikolic Shoe-Licker - The Launceston Examiner

UPDATE. Lick spittle Nikolic promoted by compulsive liar and Pommy nutjob Tony Abbott.

People in Northern Tasmania get a daily propaganda piece on Bass MP Andrew Nikolic in the Launceston Examiner. Online commenting is mostly available but the comments are politically censored by the Examiner.
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Above shows screen grabs from February 12 2015. They are from a routine Examiner story 'Nikolic Accused of 'cheap stunt'.
The 3rd comment down in reply to 'Lonnie Boy' says 'That's right, he begged his own party to support an 'habitual liar'. Unfortunately that comment didn't see the light of day. That and many other comments that don't agree with Liberal apparatchik Barry Prismall's political agenda are binned. We think ex-Examiner editor Martin Gilmour, who now works for Will Hodgman has a hotline into Prismall's office. You can bet Serbian-born blow-hard Andrej Nikolic has an even hotter hotline into Prismall's office. And what is Barry Prismall's job at the Examiner anyway? Is he only there to enforce Liberal Party propaganda? When it comes to licking Nikolic's shoes, the Examiner is always ready, willing and able.

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Anonymous said...

he is a australian but the draconic serb up bringing is clear as it contaminates the aussie way in parliament in otherwords a rotten apple in our society he has got to go sooner the better