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24 Dec 2014

Natalia Pearn's Parents Want Tasmanian DPP Out

(and so do we)

From The Mercury
 The parents of Natalia Pearn say the legal saga involving their daughter and Director of Public Prosecutions Tim Ellis can never fully conclude until he resigns his position or is removed.
Natalia Pearn (photo from The Examiner)

Speaking to the Mercury from their new home on the Gold Coast, former Launceston residents Kris and Alan Pearn urged the Tasmanian Government to heed overwhelming public sentiment and relieve Ellis of the job he last turned out for almost two years ago.
And Mrs Pearn said the sentence handed down yesterday afternoon by Magistrate Chris Webster did not reflect the gravity of the crime.
“I wasn’t surprised with the sentence, but I was absolutely stunned that he didn’t receive a fine,” Ms Pearn said.
“We have now been inundated with calls from Tasmanians who are absolutely disgusted that man is still in that job. And I am disgusted too, because he in all conscience cannot prosecute anyone in court now that he has a criminal offence against his name.”
In a victim-impact statement tendered to the court, the Pearns detailed the pride Natalia had brought to them and the emptiness they felt since her passing.
They said they were unlikely to ever fully accept she was no longer with them and that having a second daughter to live for was the only thing that kept them going.
“Before the death of our Natalia we could never have imagined the depth of the intense and profound sadness that was humanly possible and the physical pain that goes with it,” the Pearns wrote.
“We want the world to know that our youngest daughter was a shining light in our lives; vibrant and bubbly, creative, popular, entertaining and frustratingly stubborn sometimes.
“She was well-travelled, responsible and organised. We are so proud of her.”
Mrs Pearn said that although there was a sense of relief the affair had concluded, Christmases would never be the same without Natalia.

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Julie M said...

This saddens me so much. This beautiful woman had such a good life ahead of her. But now cut short because of a bad decision and wreckless action by another person on that day. Wish we could turn back time so that Natalia's family could resume a normal life. So feel for them.