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25 Sept 2014

Why is Abetz using US company Maximus to find jobs for Tasmanians?

Why not use people to hold-up the roof?

The MAX Scam
If you are unemployed in Tasmania you will likely be sent to 'MAX Employment' as your 'job service provider'. MAX are the largest Job Services Australia provider in Tasmania with 21 offices on the island. They are on the Centrelink computer network and are used by the government to determine eligibility for Newstart (the dole).
So what's wrong with using a US company to find jobs in Tasmania, the state with Australia's highest unemployment rate? For starters, money is no longer spent on training to improve the prospects of the unemployed. The money now goes to companies to employ people on Newstart. Somebody who is unemployed for more than 6 months and is over 50 is worth up to $13,000 to an employer. Because of Australia's over-regulated business system and it's predatory tax regime, those incentives have failed to make any difference to the job prospects of Tasmania's unemployed.
MAX Employment is part of the Virginia-based Maximus Inc, a $1 billion a year for profit whose political donations favour the Republican Party (the party that opposed ending slavery). Maximus is not a reputable company. They were forced to pay the US Government $30.5 million in 2007 for falsifying Medicaid claims. Maximus has had numerous complaints lodged against it including accessing clients data and allowing 146 medical workers to continue working after failing drug tests.
MAX Employment in Tasmania.
Under their government contract MAX has to keep you in their office for at least 30 minutes at a time. The fact Australia has seen the de-industrialisation of it's economy, and the ongoing global financial crisis means nothing to MAX and Eric Abetz. They pretend it's your fault you are unemployed and they try to shame you and make you feel guilty about it. MAX in Tasmania has forced unemployed people to 'cold call' businesses and pester them for a job. This is demeaning for the unemployed and it also fails to find them a job. MAX is performance-based and their staff are target-driven. It's probable MAX has a high staff turnover as a result. None of the unemployed spoken to in MAX's offices have every been sent to a single job interview by MAX. 
German-born employment minister Abetz
The Salvation Army
The second largest Centrelink job services provider in Tasmania with 17 offices is the Salvation Army. Unbelievably, the Salvation Army is a religious cult that sexually abuses children in it's care. 'In 2006, the Salvation Army secretly paid more than $1.5 million in compensation to more than 50 victims who were beaten, raped and tortured from the 1950s to 1970s by the Salvation Army.'
Why is Abetz using a criminal organisation as a Job Services Australia provider?

A Return To Slave Labour?
We predict Eric Abez's 'final solution' is a return to slave labour in Tasmania. Remember Risdon prisoners were used to clean-up after the Dunalley bushfires in 2013? The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association wants to use prisoners for unpaid farm work. For young people, 'work for the dole' is mandatory. In the eyes of the community, there is no difference between unpaid work by criminals and unpaid work by the unemployed. Obviously, this is Abetz's method of getting the unemployment figures down. By degrading the unemployed to the point where they are interchangeable with criminals. In desperation many unemployed people will opt-out of welfare and turn to crime or even commit suicide. We think that's Abetz's master plan.

Liberal Economics
With half a million people, Tasmania is smaller than the largest municipal councils on the mainland. Just to survive, Tasmanian businesses formed 'TasBest' in 2011 to compete with offshore interests. They run TV ads asking Tasmanians to support Tasmanian business. At the same time their elected senate representative Eric Abetz undermines his own constituency by employing offshore corporations like MAX and the tax-exempt child abuse charity the Salvation Army. Eric Abetz himself sat in the senate illegally for 15 years before renouncing German citizenship. The underlying problem is that developed countries reach a point where they economically implode by pricing themselves out of the market for just about everything. Abetz's response is to use Maximus and the Salvation Army to intimidate, traumatise and degrade unemployed Tasmanians. In reality, millions of jobs disappeared as the direct result of the globalisation agenda of politicians like Eric Abetz. Abetz is the problem, not the solution. For the Liberal Party, the global economy and the Australian economy are the same thing. They no longer see any difference and are happy to pay Australian taxes to US corporations rather than to Australians. The fact the US is an economic failure with an un-payable $16 trillion debt has not yet registered in the atrophied brains of the Abbott ministry.
In fact, the US with it's massive prison population is the social blueprint the Liberals are aiming for. 
We are interested in your experiences of Abetz's work for the dole program. Also Max Employment and the Salivating Army. Please forward this article to those in positions of influence.

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