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29 Jun 2014

Why Andrew Nikolic Is A Danger To Australia

The Easter bunny comes for Andrew
Yugoslav-born member for Bass Andrew Nikolic only represents 0.4% of the Australian population*. Representing such a tiny demographic has not interfered with Nikolic's self image as a significant mover and shaker in Australian politics. The problem for Andrew is that when the debate heats-up Andrew defaults to his military training and threatens his opponents with violence. Andrew has a short fuse. As a career soldier Nikolic represented Australia in some optional religious wars that mainly destabilised the Middle East. It's a stretch of the imagination to say Andrew ever 'defended' Australia. If anything, ideologues like Nikolic permanently undermined Australia's national security, starting with the Iraq WMD fiasco. Andrew Nikolic jumped straight from defence to politics. It's more than possible Andrew (Andrej) Nikolic imported some religious and ethnic hatreds from his country of birth and discovered a Liberal-managed defence force was the ideal vehicle for him to act on those religious and ethnic hatreds.
On June 26 2014 Nikolic put a motion before to the Liberal Federal Council calling for environment groups to be regarded as corporations under the Tax Act. After his party was exposed rorting the system by claiming free travel to weddings, and funnelling cash into a corrupt election fund, Nikolic can't handle the fact 13 enviro-charities have tax-exempt status? So where is Andrew going with this? Simple. Nikolic wants to be able to cut down more trees in Tasmania to replace the millions of manufacturing jobs his government has exported to other countries.
Andrew visits Santa
Of course Andrew will accuse somebody else of exporting all those jobs, but all of our oil refineries are fleeing Australia under his watch and so are the auto builders. Is having no oil refining capacity in Australia a national security threat or does Andrew really work for another country? Remember cabinet minister Mark Arbib was actually a US spy? So who does Nikolic work for?
He has no real connection to Tasmania because people who hate trees don't come and live in Tasmania. They go to a fucking desert where they can 'engage' the locals to their hearts content. Most of us live in Tasmania because we like trees and we like the oxygen they make. Tasmania also has a lot of unresolved history involving colonialism, convicts and a probable genocide. The last thing we need are unstable, militaristic rednecks from countries that commit genocide.
*The demographics.
Bass has a total population of close to 100,000.
Australia's current population is 23.5 million.
On percentage calculator that makes Bass 0.425% of Australia's population.

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