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24 Apr 2014

Why William And Kate Were Too Scared To Visit Tasmania 2014

The French and the Dutch knew about Tasmania before the Poms (Australian slang for the English). Unfortunately the Poms claimed Tasmania as part of their empire and commenced dumping mostly criminals here from 1803. In total the Poms dumped 75,000 convicts in Tasmania.
The Poms used convicts for slave labour in Tasmania, and a brutal regime of flogging, torture and rape commenced. The Poms then implemented their next goal - the genocide of Tasmania's indigenous race, unique to just one island on Earth. The Poms almost succeeded in exterminating the entire Tasmanian Aboriginal population. They prevented the Aborigines from speaking their own languages and insanely carried-out the 'ethnic cleansing' of the island. Free settlers arrived from England and were given free land and free slave labour. They imported their Pommy culture to Tasmania complete with hedges, fox hunts and a pseudo-Christian, inherited entitlements-based society. 210 years later Tasmania is a bizarre mix of corruption, anarchy, rampant bureaucracy, bogans and rednecks. Although once densely forested, many Poms came to Tasmania because they hate trees. They also hate each other because they were forced to accept an inheritance-based class-system rather than an ability-based system. Miraculously, some of Tasmania's native flora and fauna survived the onslaught of these primitive criminals. For an ersatz 'King' like William to act-out his 'Royalty Myth' in a place as bloodied and abused as Tasmania is too much even for a 2014 version of genetic despot from Pommy Land. We would like to see the Pommy criminals held accountable for their actions. After all, they slaughtered in the name of the 'Crown'. Nobody has ever apologised for murdering tens of thousands of Tasmanian Aboriginals and yet the Pommies call 'murder' a crime. Australia is our home and we ask the Poms to renounce Pommy nationalism and adapt to Australia because we are not going to adapt to them. Remember Pommies, this is AUSTRALIA, if you don't like the trees, spiders, snakes and the weather then go back to sterile, denuded England and bow down before your fake royalty just like Prime Pom Tony Abbott.
WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENGLISH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? The British 'Monarch' is too cowardly to take responsibility for criminal acts and genocide committed in the name of the 'Crown'. So who does? Britain has been a democracy since 1802, although women didn't vote until 1929. Therefore, convict transportation and the near total genocide of Tasmania's population by the 'Crown' is the responsibility of male British people or 'Poms'. No female Poms can be held responsible for British crimes against humanity, but the forbears of male Poms are held responsible for all British crimes against humanity during the colonial era. This is a terrible truth and the poor male poms living in Tasmania may be forced into a state of denial but they can't change history or suppress the truth any longer. It maybe healthier for all if they accepted reality for a change.

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