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28 Mar 2014

Hodgman Uber Alles

With the election count finished Will Hodgman's Liberal Party are decisive winners with 15 seats leaving Labor 7 and the Greens 3.
That means Liberal scored 60% of the seats compared with Labor's 28% and the Greens 12%.
Labor and the Greens have been forced out of a coalition government into a coalition-type opposition that makes-up 40% of the tiny Tasmanian parliament. 
Hodgman's team carries the usual dead wood like Adam Brooks and Rene Hiddings but also some overblown egos that verge on sociopaths like Paul Harriss and Peter Gutwein. It may not all be smooth sailing in the Hodgman team as internal tensions develop. Hodgman went to the election with a 'plan' but we all know there never was a plan. We predict Hodgman will try to create social divisions around ecology issues to mask the truth that his party and Labor took it in turns to cripple Australia by exporting jobs to Asia. Now they are selling everything they can to Asia including Australian real estate. We suspect massive changes in the global economy will eclipse anything Hodgman and his hapless team do to Tasmania.
Remember, the Liberal Party thought responsible financial management was spending billions of dollars finding-out Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction? One of Hodgman's team even voted to invade Iraq, an invasion that lead to the deaths of millions of innocent civilians. That man is Guy Barnett. Strangely enough, after voting to kill so many Iraqis, Barnett is opposed to stem cell research and abortion.

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