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26 Jan 2014

Lara Giddings - Corporate Fascist Packs On The Pounds

Lara Giddings appears to be unravelling mentally. Increasingly hysterical, on national TV while announcing she had recalled parliament because a liquidator told her to, she said she was the 'leader of the Australian Labor Party'. In parliament she said Comalco and Pacific Aluminium were at Bell Bay when they are actually the same factory. She said Tasmania was exporting trees to 'Central America' when Tasmania has never exported anything to Central America. Lara has lost the plot. She appears to be carrying the full weight (no pun) of the Global Financial Reset 2014 without realising it is being caused by unregulated banking and rampant greed. Both of which she supports.

Lara Giddings should know better. She is using Tasmania's Parliament to feed the pigs at ANZ who last financial year posted a $6.3 billion profit, their 4th straight year of record profits. At the same time 'Labor values Lara' has more than 12,000 Tasmanians on the elective surgery queue. Spiritual hunger is like a bottomless pit isn't it Lara?

The truth about Australia's Obese banks.

When you deposit money into a bank you are a 'creditor' and the bank is your 'debtor' because it has a responsibility to pay back your money. Perversely, the bank charges you 'fees' for lending money to them and not the other way round. Because banks are big advertisers, the media protect banks and as a result they speak with 'one voice'. In fact on planet Earth today there is really only 'one bank' that holds more imaginary money than the rest. Politicians are significant foot soldiers in the banks obsession to control people and they are paid accordingly. Money is not based on reserves of gold or anything else unless it has been loaned by a bank. Money is based on how well banks can brainwash people into believing pixels on a screen or sheets of polymer are worth something. Please don't rush the banks all at once or you will go into a long queue.


Anonymous said...

I think there might have been a better way to highlight her apalling behaviour without discrediting yourselves with fatty allusions.

Anonymous said...

Too bad anonymous, all is fair in love and war. Giddings has been or is still in a relationship with Bryan Green and is probably a puppet of Bryan Green's because his criminal history means he is too corrupt to be Tasmania's Premier.

Anonymous said...

What I have trouble understanding is how Ms Giddings knows "The majority of Tasmanians want the pulp mill"?

If she is so confident of that, well, hold a referendum in conjunction with the election & see if this is so.