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31 Jan 2014

'Cardiac Risk Craig' Farrell - The $300,000 A Year S.O.B.

UPDATE. When Craig Farrell rail roaded special legislation through the upper house on the orders of KordaMentha he would have known his government had just bought a woodchip loader from KordaMentha. In our view Farrell is an apparatchik of a totally corrupt government.
 Crawling around the Legislative Council corridors of power is government leader of the house 'Cardiac Risk Craig' Farrell. The ex Dick Adams staffer and Labor S.O.B spends his time misleading parliament about things like the Norske Skog newsprint mill he claims is close to his house. He compares that paper mill to a 1.1million tonnes PA Kraft pulp mill the Liberal-Labor Party want to stick in the Tamar Valley. They are totally different industrial processes but Farrell, who represents 'unconvicted criminal' Bryan Green and his girlfriend Lara Giddings in the upper house is paid to polish turds and present them to the house.
Farrell's pay cheque is more like a lotto windfall than a salary with the S.O.B. receiving an $80,000 payrise in 2012. Farrell has left a litany of lies in Hansard. He recons he thrills to the sound of trains carrying logs past his house at midnight. This could be a ploy to get him onside with a significant LegCo voting block - members who often claim to be descended from sawmillers. This group has systematically distorted the importance of an industry that employs less than 1% of the population. The LegCo logging lobby have never been fully analysed before and considering they have dragged Tasmania into a 'redneck race to the bottom' it's time they faced the blowtorch of public scrutiny.
First is Greg Hall. This egotistical bodgie looks like his ancestors were convicts transported for having trendy haircuts and no ideas. Greg believes in Tasmania, which for somebody of his presumably limited intelligence means promoting every foreign corporation he possibly can. Even ones he doesn't know about which is exactly how he voted in January 2014. Talking of 'limited intelligence' brings us to Tanya Rattray.
Frighteningly, the person with allegedly the lowest IQ in government anywhere in Australia, is a member of the house that reputedly holds more power than in any other state upper house. Rattray's ideas are insignificant because she is, in our opinion, a 'facebook bogan' masquerading as a 'decision maker'. Next is Ivan Dean. Ivan is supposedly descended from sawmillers which is surprising because he doesn't even look like he descended from humans at all. After a previous life as a cop, Ivan devotes his life to getting foreigners to employ Tasmanians after the foreigners build factories for the Tasmanians to work in. This is Ivan's best thinking but he takes it much further. Ivan wants a cafeteria built near a pulp mill just to feed tourists that in his mind will flock to see a factory making pulp. Ivan then wants to export that pulp to China to make paper and then import that paper back to Tasmania to put on his desk. Which brings us back to 'Cardiac Risk Craig'. Craig's 'pulp mill' which is only a newsprint factory can't make the paper Ivan wants to import and that's why they all vote together on what we call 'total bullshit'. They obviously think that by taxing Tasmanians in foreign-owned factories there will be enough cash to fund their bloated allowances, exorbitant retirement packages, free overseas trips and of course the cars, the drivers and the whole demented gravy train that smells like rotting rats.
One of the things these Tasmanian half-wits were elected to do was maintain legitimate planning processes, but because they are too backwards, 'interbred' or 'corrupt' they have unleashed decades of misery for themselves and the island. 


Anonymous said...

I disagree with the pulp mill in the Tamar Valley but I see no constructive purpose in using hurtful speech against politicians in the Upper House. This is personally very hurtful and it does nothing to allow those politicians to engage with citizens with different points of view on a controversial topic.

Anonymous said...

Seems politicians only want to 'engage' with people who agree with them. There has been almost no evolution of thought in the upper house over a period of decades. We still hear the same tired old speeches word for word as we heard 5 or 10 years ago. Occasionally one of them might vote differently but mostly they just get old and are replaced by people with identical opinions. No wonder Tasmania is stagnating and hopeless in education, health and every other statistic. Mediocrity is good enough for Tasmania.

Anonymous said...

Had anyone given any thought that Tasmania's Upper House MLCs are as much under the authority of corrupted 'all too hard to rock the boat' machiniations as we the ordinary powerless citizens are? How can that change?

As Shakespeare said - 'conscience, makes cowards of us all'. [Hamlet]

My frustration remains with the flawed (and now to be unpicked) Tasmanian Forest Agreement. It seems we are destined to go back to the forest wars again because lies were told and citizens were deceived.

"I would rather be defeated on principle than win to a lie." - Arthur Calwell, ALP leader 1960s

Anonymous said...

Good on this site for opposing the obesity epidemic and the nations highest cardio-vascular rate. Farrell will one day thank them for saving his life. He's too self-centred and drunk on his own importance and new found wealth to do that right now.

Anonymous said...

A modern day Tasmanian Shakespeare said 'courage makes heroes of us all'. Perhaps all is not as it seems in the legislative council? Questions on notice written by experts in very specific areas that have a very limited impact on Tasmanians in most electorates, while big questions that have totally divided the island go unasked WTF?

Anonymous said...

I recon the speaker of the LegCo Jim Wilkinson is deep with TasInc. He made sure Tasmania had no ICAC because he knows the %@#$ are as corrupt as all hell. At least Craig Farrell isn't leader of the house anymore. Is he going to pay-back the money he ripped-off the state? I doubt it.