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19 Dec 2013

Giddings Flushes Her Career Down The Toilet - Emerges In Bass Strait

You would think a person able to con their way through a UTAS law degree would realise everyone who has tied their career to Gunns pulp mill has come to a sorry end. Take the Tasmanian Infrastructure Minister (responsible for pulp mills) who tried to kill herself after her driver sued the state for sexual harassment? Or ex-premier Paul Lennon forced-out with a 17% approval rating, or Bryan Green whose whole career is a B-grade gangster movie. He can't even drive while he's sober and his marriage broke-up over his affairs with at least 2 female ministers. We say Giddings and Green do not  represent Tasmanians but are really scheming, low-life psychopaths. Then there are the convicted criminals that ran Gunns like John Gay whose life threatening prostate cancer miraculously cured itself in time for him to appeal to the courts to run more companies.

Now an increasingly isolated Giddings, languishing on an 18% approval rating is still appealing to the same blue collar constituency as opposition leader Will Hodgman who has an identical policy to hers. They may as well be in the same party. Giddings' Labor party failed to win the last election and only holds power with support from the Greens. Now she has decided the only thing that can save Tasmania's economy is her government's desperate bid to find somebody willing to build a $4 billion factory by making sure the permits have not already expired. Duh?
The Canberra Liberal Government is doing all it can to put Giddings and Green out of business by cutting off their GST drip feed. Remember Lara Giddings voted with the Liberals on a pulp mill many times herself ? Suck it up Lara! We are seeing a whole series of greed-driven implosions in Tasmania right now and they will continue into 2014. 
With some of the highest wages on earth, Tasmania has to fly scallops to Thailand just to be shelled and Labor politicians like Giddings are too stupid and corrupt to realise it's 'game over'. They fucked the Tasmanian economy all by themselves.

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