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8 Aug 2013

Sarawak FA To Tour Fellow Corrupt State Of Tasmania

In moves set to strengthen already close ties between the corrupt states of Tasmania and Sarawak,
the Taib Empire will tour Tasmania with a football squad known as the Hornbills. In a questionable arrangement this year, the Taib Empire was given $44 million in Australian taxes for operating timber company Ta Ann at a loss. Incredibly they were supplied with the habitat of endangered species by Forestry Tasmania, also at a loss. This is the cultural alignment being celebrated on the football field in October.
"Malaysian club Sarawak will send their Under-20 squad to Tasmania in October for a series of four matches in a joint initiative between Football Federation Tasmania and 2013 Victory League champions South Hobart.
The first match will take place on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of October and will be the opening fixture in a huge double-header featuring the NPL Semi-Final between Victory League Champions South Hobart and the winner of the South Australian National Premier League.
Sarawak’s program within Tasmania will feature three other matches, with a clash against a South Hobart select Under 20s team and Tasmania’s National Training Centre (NTC) team, before concluding their tour with another match-up against the Tasmania Under 20s."

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