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26 Jul 2013

Ta Ann Is From a Country Where 55% Practice Female Genital Mutilation

Labor automatons like Lara Giddings must be aware that Malaysian company Ta Ann is involved in multiple cases of human rights abuses, money laundering and tax evasion. Malaysia is a totally corrupt nation with rigged elections and the wide-spread oppression of women using barbaric, medieval practices like female genital mutilation. Female circumcision is legal in Malaysia. This is not a 'religious' issue but a basic human rights issue. How can Labor androids like Lara Giddings and Malaysian-born Penny Wong pour $44 million tax dollars into rewarding low-lifes like Ta Ann? Ta Ann is owned by one of the richest crime cartels on earth and Australia does not need their prehistoric ideas polluting our country. If Lara Giddings likes Ta Ann so much why doesn't she move to Malaysia? Why is a Malaysian-born politician like Wong wasting Australian tax dollars on a Malaysian tax-avoider like Ta Ann? Maybe it's time Penny Wong went home as well?


Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculous website I have ever seen, had a good laugh reading your (un-sourced) drivel, and pathetic attempts to appear 'oppressed' (try spending a week in North Korea and whinge about police states).

Anonymous said...

Crawl back in to your hole Will...or is it Eric?