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25 Jun 2013

Maggot Watch 2. Aussie Taxpayers Fund Corrupt Sarawak Logging Company

Federal Environment Minister Burke announced a $20 million compensation package for Ta Ann Tasmania. Whats corrupt about that you ask?

Fact. The man who received the cash on behalf of Ta Ann owner Hamed Sepawi was the same man who signed the contract the taxpayer is buying out. His name is Evan Rolley. He was running Forestry Tasmania and he brought the Sarawak loggers to Tasmania. The contract he signed must have been unsustainable. Why else is it being paid out? Rolley says it was sustainable. Then why couldn't it continue? Why is the Australian taxpayer funding the most corrupt regime in Asia? We are talking about Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, his cousin Sepawi and Ta Ann. This is a family of maggots. Tax evasion, money laundering, assassinations, theft and graft of every form. The Taib Cartel are the 'scum of the Earth'.

This is from Sarawak Report's coverage of the Sepawi buy-back.
In a speech in 2006, Ta Ann Chairman Hamed Sepawi publicly joked that he had made sure to place one of the two mills in the constituency of Paul Lennon, then the State Premier and the other in the constituency of Bryan Green, who remains the State Energy Minister and Deputy Premier.
“A chatty Hamed Sepawi told the media in Hobart yesterday that people had worked to 3am and 4am the last few nights to finalise arrangements for the mills. Mr Sepawi then observed that one of the planned mills, the Huon Wood Centre, would be built in Franklin, Mr Lennon’s electorate. “So he has a lot of reason to push it,” Mr Sepawi grinned. He next noted that the other mill, the Circular Head Wood Centre at Smithton, would be built in Braddon, the electorate of Resource Minister Bryan Green who is responsible for forestry.[Tasmanian Examiner, 17th Jan 2006]

Green, who has energetically protected Ta Ann, even travelling to Japan to fight criticism about the company’s false eco-claims, is now receiving blame for the expensive bail out by taxpayers.
Likewise, in the same speech, Sepawi praised the then Forestry Chief Executive Evan Rolley for always being on hand to assist in the deal, memorably dubbing him “Captain Evan Rolley”.
“Mr Sepawi next singled out for praise Foresty Tasmania head Evan Rolley, whom he dubbed Captain Evan Rolley for the way he drove his staff to efficiency. “No matter the hour of the night, there was not a time that we could not contact him,” Mr Sepawi said. “Thank you, to make us feel so welcome.” He said that Foresty Tasmania staff had done “a lot of work and forgone a lot of weekends” to clinch the deal”.[Examiner 17th Jan 2006]

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