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15 Jun 2013

Lara Giddings Friend Tetsuya Wakuda In Tax Sting

I.T. recently covered the huge international tax avoidance leak and suspected there would be Tasmanian connections. One of 40 Australian business people issued with a 'please explain' by the ATO is celebrity chef Tetsuya Wakuda. According to Premier Lara Giddings Tasmania had a 'unique relationship' with the Japanese-born chef. Wakuda accompanied Giddings on a trade mission to Japan and Korea along with Ian Thorpe selling Tasmanian cherries. Brand Tasmania's publications and events are full of pictures of Giddings and Wakuda.                         

The Tasmanian Premier helped Wakuda launch his wooden boat and sang his praises at the National Press Club. Obviously Wakuda did help Tasmanian cherry growers export into Asia but the fact is Giddings also hailed the Richard Chandler Corporation as being economic saviors for Tasmania when it was easy to discover that Chandler had been operating illegal banks, avoiding tax and money-laundering. Giddings is a lawyer and the last thing Australia needs is another crooked lawyer. As Giddings and Wakuda traveled through Asia she sold the 'clean green' image of Tasmania when she personally voted to dump millions of tonnes of dioxin-contaminated sewage into Bass Strait. Giddings has also covered-up the heavy metal poisoning of many Tasmanians. Giddings is a dishonest hypocrite.

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