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31 May 2013

Tasmania - On The Spot Fines For Incest

Looks like incest is a minor crime in Tasmania. A man has just been sentenced to 18 months non parole for having a sexual relationship with his daughter. Oh yes, and he also had to pay a '$50 victims of crime levy'. What a joke the Tasmanian justice system is? This is about the same as a drink driving sentence.
From the Examiner.
A Launceston man has been jailed for sexually abusing his daughter when she was a child.
The man, in his mid-60s, had previously pleaded guilty in the Launceston Supreme Court to having maintained a sexual relationship with a young person under the age of 17.

Chief Justice Alan Blow yesterday convicted and jailed the man for three years, backdated from May 23, with a non-parole period of 18 months.
The sexual abuse occurred in the 1980s when the daughter was pre- pubescent and it continued for at least a couple of years. The victim is now in her 30s.
She gave evidence during a previous hearing that her father had taught her how to smoke, so that he could trade cigarettes for sexual favours. Chief Justice Blow said that although the man pleaded guilty, he disputed all the allegations relied on by the Crown as the basis of the charge. "His sexual abuse of his daughter involved a terrible breach of trust, and has caused or contributed to ongoing serious mental health problems for her," Chief Justice Blow said. The man must also pay a $50 victims of crime levy.

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