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22 Mar 2013

Taib's Man In Tasmania - Evan Rolley

THE TA ANN SCAM. Ta Ann Tasmania executive director Evan Rolley wants compensation from the Australian taxpayer for a predicted shortfall under 2 contracts with Forestry Tasmania. Those contracts were signed on behalf of Forestry Tasmania by Rolley himself as the previous director of Forestry Tasmania in January 2006.
Does this sound fishy to you? It gets worse. Ta Ann can't take the contracted supply of logs from Forestry Tasmania now due to low demand but the penalty from Ta Ann to Forestry Tasmania has been waived. Forestry Tasmania is also paying the electricity bill for Ta Ann's Huon mill. Is that because Hydro Tasmania pulled out of the Sarawak dams project after extreme public pressure?
FACTS. Ta Ann is owned by corrupt billionaires who are only here because they have logged 95% of Sarawak and converted their forests to palm oil plantations. They do not need Australian compensation because they are some of the richest people on Earth. The Taib clan is worth $US21 billion. Why are they bludging money from Australia's poorest state? The owner of Ta Ann, Hamed Sepawi is a proxy or nominee for his uncle Taib Mahmud, the reputedly senile dictator of Sarawak who believes in black magic and has just been exposed collecting a 10% cut on every land deal in Sarawak. Taib is also constantly breaking Malaysian law and is involved in massive tax evasion using Singapore. Sepawi is desperate for timber after raping Sarawak and has just been thrown out of Liberia for bribery and illegal logging. Why is Tasmania hosting these thugs and criminals?

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