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25 Mar 2013

Death Crash - DPP Alegedly Driving On Wrong Side Of Highway

Consider this direct quote from the Launceston Examiner of Monday March 25.
" Police said the crash allegedly occurred when Mr Ellis drove his Mercedes sedan across double white lines on to the wrong side of the highway and continued travelling south in the north bound overtaking lane."
 As a result of the head-on crash a 27 year old woman is dead and Tim Ellis remains in hospital. It was 6.15pm on Sunday evening and presumable Ellis and his wife Anita Smith were returning home. After the head-on the Mercedes collided with another vehicle travelling North but the occupants were uninjured. The accident happened on a stretch of highway with two north bound lanes, including an overtaking lane, and one south bound lane.


Anonymous said...

I think Tas Inc will want to install a new DPP. Maybe Duncan Kerr perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Duncan Kerr would be acceptable to their coalition partner. A Tasmanian DPP must have a lot of knowledge about how the local system works.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that anyone wants to look at the fact that the speed zone at that particular area - at that time - was designated as an 80kph zone - after the recent completion of roadworks.
Fails me why NO ON has even entertained the idea that SPEED has played a major factor in this accident. Its usually mentioned fairly early on in these types of accidents.. why as yet no mention of hime seemingly driving as if HE owned the road...