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22 Feb 2013

Rough Painting Of A Rough Premier

The Tasmanian government has spent $25,000 on a rough painting that looks like it was done by a 1st year art student. Its hanging was a chance for ex-premier Lennon and understudy Lara Giddings to have yet another go at promoting Gunns pulp mill (fair dinkum!)
How did Paul Lennon improve the lives of Tasmanians during his time as premier? Unable to lower a single cost of living expense, the hypocrite 'workers friend' spent his entire time in office on the other side of the ledger, trying to build a big project that would employ a lot of workers that he could tax. Thats how they think. It's all about them. Why not do something for the voters for once you imbeciles? With Giddings insect sized brain she too is heading for Lennons 17% approval rating, or has she already got there?
Lennon was so toxic for Tasmania that even today, the Launceston Examiner and the Hobart Mercury can not allow readers comments on the hanging of Lennon's portrait. A painting the readers paid for.

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