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9 Jan 2013

Who Pushed Into The PM's Bushfire Press Conference?

Everybody should get on camera right?
Even by Labor standards the PM's media conference at Tasmanian Fire Service headquarters on January 7 was bizarre. It's worth watching. Lara Giddings had rushed back from Scotland after telling Tasmanians to spend at home this Xmas. Dick Adams was implementing his bushfire plan by just standing there. Tasmania's vertically-challenged emergency services minister David O'Byrne was trying to stay in the picture and we had senator Singh and the man who can never be premier, Bryan Green.
Wrong. A mystery woman stole the picture.
Looking good for a media event on how they are responding to this bushfire disaster, but wait a minute? Everybody suddenly has to move over after a mystery latecomer pushes right up to Gillards side and then seems to be psychically prompting the PM. Who is she? Is it Personal Stylist Annalisa Armitage? Has the member for Franklin Julie Collins had a facelift? Do we have a federal member we have never seen? We don't know. What we find strange is that Tasmanians are being updated on a bushfire emergency by somebody we have never seen before and who has nothing to say. That is very weird.

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Jane Austin (Labor candidate for Denison)