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16 Jan 2013

Paul Harriss Should Not Chair The Forests Agreement Committee

A submission has been lodged with the Legislative Council Forests Agreement Committee protesting Paul Harriss's 'conflict of interest' in chairing the committee. What is his conflict of interest?
The man in the middle Awang Tengah is planning to overthrow the dictator of Sarawak
Paul Harriss declared a 'pecuniary interest' in the company Ta Ann Tasmania. Copies of Paul's 2 declarations are available here. Paul Harriss admits to receiving gifts from Ta Ann in 2008 and 2011 involving travel to the Taib family controlled fiefdom of Sarawak. The Taib family own Ta Ann. So what's that got to do with the Tasmanian Forests Agreement upper house committee? Plenty. Ta Ann Tasmania is the main beneficiary of any decision made regarding Tasmanias public forests. Some of the submissions to this committee involve allegations of conflict of interest, cronyism and corruption. Why should Harriss be deciding on those issues when his own chairmanship has been labelled a conflict of interest? Harriss denied a conflict of interest but he has accepted gifts from a criminal cartel. That makes his denials meaningless. These are serious allegations levelled at Paul Harriss. The Taib family routinely assassinate people that get in their way anywhere in the world including Australia. They are regarded as a criminal cartel by people who have studied them. They are too corrupt for Hydro Tasmania to deal with but apparently not for Paul Harriss. Harriss never explained why part of his pecuniary interest declaration appears forged. Look at page 9 in both documents? It's the same page. It's time for Paul Harriss to step aside and start setting an example rather than colluding with the Taib cartel. Many believe the LC only set-up the 'Tasmanian Integrity Commission' as a paper tiger so they could continue blatant conflicts of interest at the public's expense. With 19 parliamentary representatives for every Tasmanian voter we are refusing to carry the burden of these manipulative trough guzzlers any longer.

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