11 Jan 2013

Opportunism - Candidate Uses Bushfires For Media Exposure

Thanks to our readers the woman who pushed her way in front of the deputy premier, police minister and a senator at the Gillard press conference (story below) is the ALP candidate for Denison Jane Austin. Incredibly, the bushfires were nowhere near the electorate of Denison. We believe this shows the Gillard Government is prepared to use almost psychopathic methods to hold onto government. This is political opportunism at it's worst. A shameless photo op for an unknown candidate trying to turn human suffering into electoral advantage. It also reveals we are in election mode. Thanks to our readers Jane Austin's progress will be watched very closely from now on. We are more than happy with the way Andrew Wilkie has been representing the people of Denison and if this is the best Labor can put up against Wilkie then Andrew deserves to retain his seat. How has Jane Austin prevented these fires and why should they be giving her career a boost? This is pathetic and it shows what a dirty campaign Labor will be running in 2013.

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