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2 Jan 2013

Desktop Dilemma - Start Button Or No Start Button

70% of visitors to Inside Tasmania use Windows and 21% are using Apple (iPhone or Macintosh).  Windows 8 turned out to be a failure in the business sector with customers resisting lost productivity as 2 desktops compete with each other within Windows 8. Microsoft tried to cover the touch screen market as well as the mouse-controlled market with 2 different desktops. Apple PCs and notebooks are based on the Unix operating system (FreeBSD) with an Apple skin over the top and some brilliant design and marketing. The Apple kernel is reputedly not as fast as the Linux kernel that also appears on mobiles as the 'Android' OS. How many Microsoft or Apple supercomputers are there? Not many.
LinuxMint Cinnamon desktop

The Linux world went through the Windows 8 confusion over 2 years ago. Ubuntu, then the most popular flavour of Linux dropped the start button completely with its 'Unity' desktop in 2010. There was a minor uprising as users deserted the OS. For many the problem was resolved by LinuxMint from Ireland and it's 2 alternative desktops 'Mate' and 'Cinnamon'. Mint is built on Ubuntu and Cinnamon is built on a later version of the underlying Gnome window manager. We think Cinnamon is the most satisfying solution to the desktop dilemma at the moment. Do graphic designers really want to manipulate images with their fingers? What are the ergonomic effects of using touch screens? There is full arm support using a mouse and laser precision if required.

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