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21 Dec 2012

Political Photoshopping At The Examiner

We have known for a some time that the Launceston Examiner photoshops images of politicians that don't agree with rusted-on Liberal editors Barry Prismal and Martin Gilmour. While we are not huge fans of the Greens, we are fans of media honesty. The top image was published by the Examiner on December 20 2012. We 'normalised' the colour in that image using the free Gimp program. Which image looks more 'normal' to you?
How Prismal and Gilmour want you to see McKim
How McKim usually looks
'The Economy in a state of transition'
The actual article that this came from was a bit of fluff by McKim on how him and Lara were 'transitioning' the economy from an 'over-reliance on resource extraction' to something  'broader'. Something we are only left to imagine by McKim. Maybe he's thinking same-sex wedding chapels in high conservation forests? Who knows and who cares? To the Examiners photoshop girls and boys it means they needed a more green-looking McKim. As usual for the Examiner the comments go into a meltdown of abuse directed at McKim.  Some, probably quite rightly note that Tasmania's economy is transitioning from bad to worse. There's nothing like a global economic crisis to divert the Greens upward trajectory and with it that of statesman-in-waiting McKim. Lets be honest about all of this Prismal and Gilmour? McKim is only as mediocre as the rest of the bumbling Tasmanian buffoons and that includes Gutwin and Hodgman. Those two provincial geniuses got exposed trying to save Ta Ann from the forest peace deal Ta Ann were begging for. The poor dumb Launceston Examiner was dragged along for the ride by their Liberal handlers and the corrupt Malaysians that own Ta Ann. Too bad eh Prismal and Gilmour?

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