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Paywall media in Australia is corrupt. The big 3 media empires whitewash corruption in the LNP government. Paywall media take your money in return for sanitized news plus advertising. How come you don't pay for free to air TV when the costs are higher? You can trust most independent blogsites. It's probably the only place you will find the truth anymore. We can keep the internet free.

25 Nov 2012

What The FUQ? The Australian Government Is A Private Company

Please take 52 minutes to watch this movie (if the government hasn't stolen all your time). It's worth it. WA man Scott Bartle imported a Chev Corvette from the states and in the drawn-out process found Australia has more than one government. Apparently we are the 'Commonwealth of Australia' and we are also the 'Australian Government' registered in Washington as a private company. When presented with this fact government agencies became very defensive and eventually backed-down. It's on our 'Recommended Videos' page as well as YouTubeScott's truth-now website is here.

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