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14 Nov 2012

The Launceston Examiner Will Not Be Happy Until They See Blood

Brains behind the Examiner Barry Prismall
We see it every week in Northern Tasmania. The small town, right-wing newspaper whipping-up a tsunami of hate against environmentalists. The Examiners main man Barry Prismall is an ex-Liberal staffer which is why their agenda is the same as the Tasmanian Liberal Party's. We understand the 'editor' Martin Gilmour is only an understudy to Prismall. The Liberals regularly blow a dog whistle calling for stronger penalties imposed on conservationists protesting the clear-felling of the worlds most valuable hardwood forests. The Examiner complied today with 'Ta Ann protests condemned'. A story using words like 'extremist protests' - 'work-site invasions' - 'dangerous' and 'threatening'. The online comments section is where the Examiners censorship zealots go to town. Up goes a comment by a 'Robert Dowling' who says 'Why should environmentalists be above the law. Governments need to legislate to stop protests on work sites before something happens like someone being killed or injured'. But the Examiner does not publish all the replies to Dowling's ridiculous statement. They didn't want you to see  'If Robert Dowling doesn't like people being killed or injured on work sites he needs to look at how Ta Ann treat people in Sarawak'. The last thing the Examiner wants is for it's readers to connect Ta Ann and Sarawak, a state where the logging industry regularly kidnaps, bashes and kills anyone who gets in their way. No, the Examiner's intellectual pygmies want Tasmanians to think Ta Ann is just like the Country Womens Association. A comment by Rick Pilkington gets through the Examiner firewall 'The protesters have been charged. The law is dealing with them. What else do you want? A lynch mob? And this seems to be exactly what the Examiner want. Gilmour and Prismall will not be satisfied until somebody has been killed by the lynch mob they created. Sells newspapers does it boys? As they say Gilmour and Prismall 'live by the sword, die by the sword'. You have been outed, you have been condemned by the Press Council of Australia and it's about time you packed your bags and left Tasmania.
If you like cleared land so much go and live on the Nullarbore Plain.

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