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5 Dec 2012

Forestry Agreement Rotten To The Core

The Tasmanian Forestry Agreement - full of conflicts of interest and cash handouts to mates.

The IGA 'Tasmanian Innovation and Investment Fund' gave Britton Brothers $678,040 for a new log processing system. One of the Britton Brothers is chairman of IGA negotiator FIAT.
FIAT (Forest Industry Association of Tasmania) is a member of NAFI. Both FIAT and NAFI signed the Statement of Principles agreement which is the foundation of the IGA.
The Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) is also a member of NAFI. Both signed the Statement of Principles agreement.
The Wilderness Society is a member of Environment Tasmania. Both signed all agreements.
Forestry Tasmania was the subject of the agreement but it was also a participant due to its ownership of the Southwood sawmill. As a mill owner they were represented by FIAT.
Forestry Tasmania bought a sawlog quota from themselves for the Southwood mill.
The 'independent verifier' Professor Jonathan West's brother owns Environment Tasmania's head office.
Jonathan West's brother is a founding member of 'Our Common Ground' who lobbied the government to swap plantations for native forests. 
Gunns debt to Forestry Tasmania was paid by the state (essentially to itself) under the IGA. The reason has never been revealed.
Jonathan West is an advisor to Simon Crean who lobbied the Tasmanian Upper House to pass the IGA.
Jonathan West and Bill Kelty are on the same advisory committee to Simon Crean. All three were involved in the IGA.
Forestry Tasmania is a joint venture partner in Ta Ann Tasmania. An ex-head of Forestry Tasmania brought Ta Ann to Tasmania. He now manages Ta Ann Tasmania. TAT is the main industry supporter of the IGA.
Timber Communities Australia Tasmanian branch were given a vote on the Tasmanian Forests Agreement but when they voted against it their board ignored them. So why did they vote at all?

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