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16 Oct 2012

Why Did Bob Gordon Lie About The Southwood Mill?

Why did Bob Gordon cover it up?
We understand Bob Gordon and Forestry Tasmania bought the Huon Valley Southwood sawmill from Gunns through a front company with FT funds. If Bob Gordon knew the mill was really owned AND FINANCED by FT then why did he cover that up and lie about it?
'The sale by Gunns to Del Vista, a Victorian company with strong Tasmanian links, will hopefully see the mill re-open early in November. We are now in the process of finalising wood supply arrangements with the new owners. It's a welcome relief'.
Why doesn't 'Del Vista' have an ABN number, or a head office, or a web site?
Why did Forestry Tasmania buy a sawlog allocation that had already been bought from Gunns by the state under the TFIGA? Why did Tasmania buy the same sawlog allocation off themselves twice????
Here's what the ABC said about the sale on October 2011.  'Tasmanian forest industry businessman Ken Last has been appointed the mill's general manager and says all that remains is to finalise a wood supply agreement with Forestry Tasmania'.
Why did Ken Last join Bob Gordon's charade of covering-up the fiance and purchase?
'Mr Last says the 40,000 cubic metres of native sawlogs required by the mill has been set aside in the forest peace deal. "The contract will probably be signed early this week and then after that's completed we can then look at starting the sawmill up probably within the next couple of weeks after that," he said'.
From the same story "It is understood Mr Last is investing in the Remount Road plant with a consortium involving the former Gunns head John Gay and the Neville Smith Family Group" So John Gay is involved in this as well, what a surprise?


Anonymous said...

the thing that creeps me out the most about him is the way he speaks...... very softly, like a mafioso. Scary

Anonymous said...

High time Tasmania moved on from the likes of Bob Gordon. He is yesterday's goon, just like Paul Lennon, Evan Rolley, John Gay, Robin Gray and also Jim Bacon. McKim and Giddings/Green/O'Byrnes are doing a good job but I shudder to think what a backward step Hodgman would amount to if he is elected as Premier. He'll turn back the clock something chronic and probably tax us just as much in order to prop up his mates. Don't see the Libs advocating any Land Tax relief and they seem to whinge whenever there are cutbacks to Tas Police or to public hospital staff.

Please let us have some independents to vote for. More like Wilkie at state level would be such a breath of fresh air compared to the Greens as a political alternative to Lib/Lab and their kowtowing to forestry interests, more so in the case of Hodgman's libs.