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19 Oct 2012

Press Council Finds The Examiner Are Corrupt Lying Bastards

The Australian Press Council has upheld Andrew Wilkies complaint against the Examiner. This confirms what we all knew. The Launceston Examiner is a propaganda-driven piece of Liberal sloganeering vaguely disguised as a newspaper. Assets like Gilmour and Prismal spent years slavishly serving Gunns. Did the Examiner have a problem with the Liberal Party SLAUGHTERING HALF A MILLION IRAQIS because some Liberal wanker thought the Iraqis just might have the same weapons they had? Tasmanians have rebelled against the convict-era thinking spewed by the Examiner. Gilmour and Prismal's biggest crime in our view is using propaganda to spread hatred and bigotry amongst their own readership. We think Gilmour and Prismal are consciously exploiting the least literate group in the nation and appear to have blood on their hands. The Examiner have whipped semi-literate and often interbred Tasmanians into a frenzy of hatred of people whose only crime is to value rare natural phenomena like 700 year old trees. Why don't Gilmour and Prismal value rare natural phenomena? 

Why do they even live in Tasmania if they don't like trees? Do they need medical treatment? Its not normal to want to destroy a creation made by billions of years of evolution. Lastly, why didn't Gilmour and Prismal stand-up for an honest independent representative like Wilkie trying his hardest to help Tasmania? We think it's because Gilmour and Prismal feel safer in a gang like the Liberals. We see them as small-town thugs kicking someone to death on the ground. Are they too gutless to stand on their own feet like Andrew Wilkie? Our message to the Examiner editors is that it just got a lot harder for you to dribble shit. Idealogical streetfighters have taken-over your turf. We don't think the Examiner deserves to survive the economic famine they have inflicted on Launceston.


I only bought the Examiner for the weekly TV guide but the same guide is in the Sunday Tasmanian. Do you buy spam in the supermarket if you don't eat it? Why buy the Examiner to read their social engineering bullshit designed to keep Tasmania a state of retarded Neanderthals?




Anonymous said...

Why isn't this on TT? because TT can't ofend the Examiner, or Greens , or g@ys or fucking anybody for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Press Council are keen to suck up to Wilkie in order that if Australian media regulation comes down to a Liberal versus Labor federal vote, that Wilkie will be onside with them.

The simple fact is that Press Council are a front for the Australian commercial media industry. Expect no objectivity whatsoever from the Press Council.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree that I wouldn't buy a used car from anyone that looks like that Martin Gilmour picture. And to think that he must have chosen that picture to publish on the newspaper's website ! Simply bad judgment through and through along with his dropkick advert appearances on TV about the Examiner's Android app.

Anonymous said...

Here is another ridiculous Examiner stuff-up: http://www.examiner.com.au/story/525654/legana-chickenfeed-store-to-be-rebranded/?cs=94

I can't understand how they keep that Editor-in-chief Gilmour on at that place.

Anonymous said...

Mercury no better:
THE Mercury has been fined $10,000 for naming a complainant in a rape case.

Even with Garry Bailey now out of the editors chair at the Mercury, and also thankfully no longer host for ABC's Drivenorth radio segment, Mercury has shocking standards. Read what Tas DPP Tim Ellis's opinion has of the Mercury:
"the Mercury is a rogue organisation with an inability to learn from the past."

No wonder Tasmania is the economic basket case of Australia. Irresponsible media is not conducive to maintaining decent standards of state and local government.

Anonymous said...

Where on www.insidetasmania.com is the webpage "Comments Tasmanian Times would not print" ?

Anonymous said...

At the top of the www.insidertasmania.com homepage, the "Comments that Tas Times rejects" does not always show up. Not sure why this intermittently fails to be available.